Sunday, July 15, 2007

'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix'

by J.K. Rowling

Fiction/Fantasy, 2003
Bloomsbury Hardback, 760 p.
Book #5 in the Harry Potter series

(Book #27 for 2007, Book #5 for M&N's Summer 7 Challenge)
Dumbledore lowered his hands and surveyed Harry through his half-moon glasses.
‘It is time,’ he said, ‘for me to tell you what I should have told you five years ago, Harry. Please sit down. I am going to tell you everything.’
Harry is often grumpy and quick to anger in this one, but it didn’t annoy me as much this time around, neither did the length. Sure it’s long, but last time when I was racing through it to know the outcome, it seemed very long. This time, already knowing the general outline of the story, I enjoyed it much more, picking up details and events that I’d forgotten. Moving on to Book #6, it’s less than a week to go now!

My Rating: 4/5

Misc. tidbit:
In the UK edition (p. 571), Sirius says 'Petrificus Totalus!', but this was changed to "Locomotor mortis!" in the American version (p. 648). ???
For more unnecessary (in my opinion) Americanizations see the list HERE.

As for the movie, I'll be seeing it tomorrow.
Long version: I was planning to go today but the weather forecast a typhoon coming our way, that has caused flooding and landslides in other parts of the country, so we decided to camp out at home today. We ended up only on the edge of it, the typhoon that is, so we didn't get the expected rain and wind. So we went out to the nearby cinema but there were only seats left in the front row for the remaining two shows today. Cricked neck, no thank you. So....tomorrow it is! Got my ticket already!


  1. Oh, you're making me wish I'd re-read the whole series before book 7! I miss this book. Ah well, there is at least still time to revisit "Half-Blood Prince".

  2. I want that cover! The American cover is sorta boring.

    To be honest, Harry's being grumpy and moody is understandable, isn't it? He's a teenager who is dealing with a great deal, including the loss of a friend, the return of the man who killed his parents and wants Harry dead, and the fact that his hero, Dumbledore is avoiding him.

    I can't wait for the next book.


  3. I just started this one last night. I'm also reading the Bloomsbury edition since we were living in Australia when the book came out. I am not a fan of the "Americanization" of the Scholastic editions!

    I'm only about 200 pages in, but I am also finding I'm not quite as annoyed by Harry (and the book in general) as I was the first time around.

  4. I too am going to see it this very afternoon! Several of my friends have said that it is the best Harry Potter movie yet. I hope the hype hasn't raised my expectations too far.

  5. Glad the typhoon missed you! I don't like sitting in the front row either, and I hope you like the movie. I think you will considering how much you enjoy the books.

  6. You are doing so much better than me, with regard to re-reading this series. Oh, well. I'll get there eventually (although I haven't read a single page since Wednesday afternoon!).

  7. Hmm, maybe I'll go see the movie today.

    Glad to hear that you didn't get the brunt of the typhoon!

    And I seriously considered buying a paperback copy of Half-Blood Prince yesterday so I could re-read before book 7 hits the shelves. I left all of my Potters at home in Texas because they're big honkin' hardbacks.

    I feel so lost!

  8. How are you? I'm just reading about the earthquake in Japan. Hopefully neither the earthquake or pending typhoon are anywhere near you!

  9. I've read all six books already on my own, but my husband always reads out loud to me as I fall asleep (spoiled rotten, I know) and we're on book 5 doing that. He hasn't read the books before, and early on, right away in book one, he started to complain about all the Americanizations (he's English, I'm American). So I ended up getting the English versions from bookmooch so that he wouldn't be so annoyed! And I do understand; even I would prefer that a book set in England use English terminology, not American.

  10. Nymeth,
    This is my first time to reread them and I decided when #6 came out that I'd reread them all before the last one. I'm glad too because I'm really enjoying it.

    I agree, I found his angst completely understandable considering all the bad stuff he's been through. Thanks for stopping by, BTW.

    I think I was just too impatient to get to the end and find out what happens when I read it the first time. His actions seemed quite natural this time around. Translating English books into "American" is one of my biggest pet peeves! ;P

    Pour of Tor,
    I'll post on it tomorrow, but I really enjoyed it. You?

    This particular typhoon caused quite a bit of flooding and landslides in southern Japan so yes, it's probably a good thing it missed us. They often peter out by the time they get up around here anyway though. As for the movie, I did enjoy it. More tomorrow..

    I'm determined to finish the last one by Friday night so I can start #7 on Saturday. It sounds like you're having a wonderful time though so reading can wait! :)

    LOL! I have the first 4 in paperback so they're manageable but 5 and 6 are honkin' hardbacks so they stay home. I understand your frustration!

    Thanks! We're fine. I just posted about the earthquake. We did feel it but it was far enough away that it didn't cause any damage around here. And the typhoon missed us too so we've been lucky.

    That sounds like fun! I really hate it when they change things for the American editions. So much so that I'll usually make a point of getting the British version if it's a British author. Luckily that's not too hard since I've only lived either in Canada, UK, or Japan and here you can usually find both versions. Then there's always The Book Depository. :)


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