Wednesday, July 04, 2007

How to eat sushi

Here's a fun little video for Lotus after reading her most recent review on The Zen of Fish: The story of sushi from samurai to supermarket. Please note it's very tongue in cheek so don't believe everything you see!!

Edited to add: If you're familiar with the Apple ads ("Hello, I'm a Mac and I'm a PC"), the two main guys in the sushi video are the Mac and PC for the Japanese version of those Apple ads. Love those ads! And it's fascinating to see the cultural differences that show up when you compare the US, UK and Japan versions.


  1. LOL, Nat, thank you for the video, I have really enjoyed watching it! Trevor Corson actually mentions the video in his book "Zen of Sushi", so I was really thrilled to see you post on it! I love how it starts with Most Japanese people eat at a sushi bar everyday I was always under the impression that they did, and now I am disappointed to find out that they don't! lol

    And also, I love how the video pokes fun at all that strict Japanese etiquette...we hear so much about how the Japanese are soooo formal, had I come upon this video on my own I may have not recognized this part of it as satire.

    The part where the video teaches you to eat sushi was hilarious, I really enjoyed watching this clip, thanks Nat! :)

  2. LOL Dewey,
    Good one! That part always makes me laugh it's so silly!

    Thought you might appreciate it! Actually H only told me about it earlier this week- funny timing! Apparently his brother's friend is the sushi chef in it.

  3. "The lady must pour for the man. It is the samurai way." LOL.

    Squirrel sushi? Yum.

    I just had some rather delicious sushi yesterday, now I'm kind of hungry for it again. And now I know the proper way to eat it! Thanks!

  4. LOL, great video. I made my book club members all try sushi because they were judging it before they had tried it. Thanks for the laughs.

  5. That was hilarious!

    Toh, toh, toh.

    So which guy is Apple and which is PC? I was thinking the guy with the glasses is the PC, but the ponytail threw me off.

  6. Kookie,
    LOL! You might get some strange looks if you eat it like that! :P

    You're welcome. It's just so darn silly!

    Good guess! In the Apple ads, he is indeed PC, and minus the ponytail. They're quite funny!

  7. Hi, this cracks me up. The Japanese narration and all!! I don't need to learn this though, after more than 10 years in Japan, I do not like sushi...luckily the Jap hubby doesn't like it either. We are strange.

  8. Grace,
    You are indeed strange to not like sushi! ;P
    I like it but I'm a bit picky about which ones I eat.
    And 10 years in Japan? I didn't realize you were here for that long.


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