Thursday, August 09, 2007


at the Hotel Sacher, home of the Original Sachertorte.


  1. This looks delicious! Now I am hungry...

  2. Oh great, now I have to clean the drool off my keyboard. Nice work tanabata! kidding. I love how they put the stamp in the chocolate like that.

  3. OMG that made me so hungry and I hate chocolate! But that looks soooo yummy.

  4. I've been enjoying seeing your Vienna photos!!! It figures it would take a photo of Sachertorte to drag me out of bloglines and post a comment. I had more than a few slices of that while I lived there. Yum. Did you know they will ship overseas? I've contemplated ordering, but haven't done it. And dang that schlagobers is so good--whip topping a la Americana is pathetic in comparison. Now I am going to have to go and find some chocolate....

  5. Pour of tor,
    Sorry! :P

    LOL! Hope your keyboard has dried out by now!!

    What? You don't like chocolate?

    Glad you've been enjoying them. I've been having fun looking at them again and looking up stuff in my Vienna guidebook. It's making me want to go back!
    No I didn't know that they ship overseas. That's very tempting!

  6. I'm starving, but now the apple I was going to eat doesn't look like it will be satisfying...great photo!

  7. Cath, :)

    Gentle Reader,
    LOL! I know what you mean.

  8. Oh! My! God! That looks absolutely divine! Off to see if I can find a recipe SOMEWHERE!!!

  9. Good luck finding that recipe Les! :)

  10. I found a recipe, but it looks a bit daunting. Perhaps I'll try this instead!

  11. Oh, my gosh. That looks like pure chocolate heaven! Gorgeous!

  12. Les,
    It's tempting, isn't it? I wonder how much the shipping is?

    'pure chocolate heaven' indeed!


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