Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Summer Mystery Challenge completed

The goal was to read 6 new-to-me Mystery Authors, and yesterday I finished my last one! Of those, 4 were from my original list of possibles and 2 just happened across my path. I basically read them all over the last month (Harry Potter had me occupied before that) so I'm pleased I managed to successfully complete the challenge.

Books Completed:
(clicking on the title will take you to my review)

1. All She Was Worth - Miyuki Miyabe
2. Knots & Crosses - Ian Rankin
3. Forty Words for Sorrow - Giles Blunt
4. Maisie Dobbs - Jacqueline Winspear
5. The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency - Alexander McCall Smith
6. The Interpreter - Suki Kim

Best book I read for the challenge:
I guess I'd say Forty Words for Sorrow since it kept me turning the pages, and made me stay up too late to finish it. But I also quite enjoyed several of the others.

Book I could've done without:
I wasn't overly impressed with The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency but the most disappointing was All She Was Worth. I guess I'd expected something else from it.

Authors I'll read again:
The Interpreter and All She Was Worth are standalones, as far as I know, whereas the other 4 are the first books in a series. I won't go out of my way to read another book by Miyuki Miyabe, although if it's from the library I may give it a go. I'll gladly read Suki Kim's next book whenever it's published. Of the series books, I'd like to read more by Ian Rankin, Giles Blunt, and Jacqueline Winspear. I already have the 2nd book in the Inspector Rebus series by Ian Rankin so I hope to read it soon. I'll give Alexander McCall Smith's Botswana series another chance but I'm not holding my breath.

Best thing about the Challenge:
I keep putting off starting series books because I know it'll lead to reading and buying more books, but I'm so glad I finally got around to some of these that have been waiting impatiently for a while. I also found that mysteries are the perfect kind of read for me during the summer as the heat saps my energy and attention span. I haven't read a lot of mysteries in the past but I think I'll be reading more from now on. I may have to have a mystery month (or two) again next summer, or if Liz and Bob host another challenge next year, I'm sure I'll be up for it. Especially since I still have plenty more authors to try. Thanks for a great challenge!


  1. Yay - congrats on finishing your challenge! I hope you do get to read more Rankin books. I do have the Giles Blunt book on my TBR list after reading your review on it.

  2. Looks like you read some really great books for this challenge!! Congrats on finishing this challenge !

  3. I have the Ladies No. 1 Det. Agency here, and the next book, too. Mom got them for me. She loved the books. I tried reading the first one, but didn't get into it, put it down after about 50 pages or so. Since Mom'll want to know, I'll have to go back to it sooner or later. Sigh.

    I haven't read Ian Rankin for a long time, but loved him.

    Sounds like I need to look into Giles Blunt!

  4. Congratulations on finishing! I love the feeling of completing a challenge.

  5. Congratulations on completing the challenge! I hope Liz will host it again next summer because I love reading mysteries, especially in the summer. I regretted not signing up for it this time around!

  6. Thanks Iliana.
    I do plan to read more Rankin. I actually have Book #2, #13 and #15! I got them really cheap. And because I tend to prefer reading a series in order I've got to read on! :P

    Thanks Andi!

    Thanks Stephanie.
    It was a fun challenge. I'm glad I joined in.

    It seems that people either love The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency series or are rather lukewarm about it. Oh well, what can you do?

    Thanks Nymeth.
    It's a great feeling to finish a challenge. :)

    Robin, thanks. I'm really glad I joined in as it got me reading and enjoying mysteries. I hope she does it again next summer too.

  7. I finished this Challenge, too. Congratulations on meeting your goal!

  8. Congratulations on finishing the challenge! I ordered a copy of Forty Words for Sorrow based on your review. :-) I'm looking forward to reading it.

  9. Literary Feline,
    Thanks. I do hope you like it. I'm always a little worried when people read something on my recommendation. :P


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