Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #1: Missing

Thursday Thirteen Header by samulli

13 Things/Foods I've Been Missing Lately

Cool Weather (or not sweating instants after showering or leaving an air-conditioned room) - It's 37C today! And humid! Need I say more?

Trees - There aren't many trees around our neighbourhood. Being surrounded by concrete and the lack of green really gets to me some days.

Water - One of the first things I like to do when I visit 'home' is take a walk along the Ocean, and smell the sea air. I never realised how much I'd miss being near water until living in this concrete jungle.

Breakfast Cereal - The selection in Japan is so small. Essentially it's Corn flakes or muesli. Lately I've been craving Cheerios and Grape-Nuts.

Salt & Vinegar chips - I know chips aren't good for you but once in a while is ok, right? The standard flavours here are salted or nori (seaweed)!

Rhubarb - Oh how I'd love to have some rhubarb pie, or a rhubarb crisp!

Raspberries - When I was growing up we had our own raspberry bushes (and rhubarb too for that matter) and I'm so missing fresh raspberries. They're very very very hard to come by here. Even raspberry jam is rare. :(

My Mom's Cooking - I recently shared my mom's recipe for Chocolate Zucchini Cake and it's got me craving it and many of the other dishes and baking that my mom was so good at.

Red/Yellow peppers that don't cost $2 each! - The little Japanese green peppers are cheap but also have less flavour. Buying bell peppers is a real splurge.

Zucchini - Zucchini is even more ridiculously expensive here, when it's even available that is.

Deli meats - OK, sandwiches aren't exactly typical Japanese food but it would be nice to have something other than ham, ham or... ham to choose from.

Brown Bread (more than one kind) - For some reason the Japanese adore white bread. 95% of the bread in the stores is white. I'm tired of having the same brown bread over and over.

Cheap Books - Of course I have plenty of unread books already but even when I do browse here I hesitate to buy because of the price of imported English books. Thank goodness for The Book Depository!

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  1. Hi,
    thanks for stopping by my blog, since otherwise I wouldn't have found yours. ;)
    Of course I don't mind if you use my headers. I am always happy to see someone use them. Otherwise I would have to participate in TT for the next 10 years or so to use them all myself. LOL

    I like your list. I am a bit envious that to get to live in Japan, because ever since I met so many Japanese in New Zealand I have wanted to visit Japan, but just couldn't afford it yet. But I can understand that you would miss some things there. Ok, to be honest, I will never understand how anybody can ever miss salt & vinegar chips. I can't even understand how anybody can eat them in the first place. LOL


  2. Sounds like homesickness to me, hope you get a taste of home soon :)

  3. Welcome to the TT family! Great list to start with! Over here the summer has lasted about 5 days, now we're having rain again. *sigh* ;-)
    My TT is about BED.

  4. You don't have Cheerios?

    I'm so sorry. That's as bad as the lack of trees and ocean. :(



  5. I started on The Ladies of Grace Adieu but it lacked something for me. I don't know what although I usually hate anthologies and short stories so that may have been it.

    I hear everything is way expensive in Japan. I'd always wanted to go there but I'd probably go broke before I made it out of the airport. LOL.

  6. When I travel overseas, I really miss Coca-Cola and pizza.

    What an absolutely beautiful blog. I will be back! BTW, I read All She Was Worth about eight years ago; very interesting!

  7. I so know what it is like to miss home. I lived in Germany for 3 years.

    What a wonderful T13~

  8. I wish I could send you some raspberry jam and salt & vinegar potato chips. I actually don't think the chips would make it into the box, because I'm dangerous around those things. My all time favorite.

  9. I'm in Israel, so I can definitely identify with your needing some tastes of home. Thankfully over time things have become much more readily available here. I damn near did a jig when they opened a gourmet deli in my town. My bank account is less pleased though...

  10. You sound a bit homesick. I can't help with many of the things you mentioned, but you should check out ebooks for your book cravings. There are lots of places on the Web to find books in electronic format.

    My TT is about my Summer travels.

  11. It's never easy being away from home. I remember in college, one of my roommates was a Japanese exchange student. The first semester was a very difficult adjustment. She missed a lot of the foods from home like you.

    I also remember when I first moved to Maine from New Orleans. I had to have certain things shipped to me -- like roux mixes and certain spices I couldn't find here.

    Hope you get to feeling less homesick and happy TT!

  12.'s funny how these details about other cultures turn out to be the things that matter if you relocate!

    But: rhubarb chips? I didn't know such things existed!

    Chocolate-zucchini cake sounds delicious.

  13. I hope you feel less homesick soon. I know it's such a helpless feeling.

    Come visit my TT if you'd like... :)

  14. samulli,
    I love your headers so I'm sure I'll be using more of them in the coming weeks!
    LOL about the salt&vinegar chips! H doesn't understand either.

    Thanks. I hope to get back for a visit sometime this fall.

    Thanks for the welcome! I'd gladly trade you some of this heat from cool, rainy days.

    Nope, no Cheerios! :(
    I think I'm going to have to get a box next time I'm back for a visit.

  15. Oh, I might have to do this one. On the other hand, mine might be a little depressing. I'm still missing my cat. I've considered volunteering at the rescue shelter. I'm worried that I'd want to bring them all home, but then again . . . it could help. More fur babies to love can't be all that bad, right?

  16. Mailyn,
    I hope to read Ladies of Grace Adieu sometime this fall. I've grown to like short stories sometimes.
    Things are quite expensive here but I actually found London to be more so, especially for food, clothes, and transportation.

    Thanks! I've never been a fan of Coke, but I do get pizza craving sometimes. It's a bit expensive here but available at least.

    Thanks for visiting. Most of the time I'm fine but summer tends to make me homesick cause it's so darn hot I can't help thinking about being there instead of here.

    Thanks for the thought though! LOL! How about you can have some for me and enjoy them on my behalf. :P

  17. Robin,
    A gourmet deli sounds great! Being near Tokyo there are quite a few things I can find but like you said, some of them aren't cheap. My list would be much longer though without them. :P

    I still prefer holding an actual book in my hand over e-books but thanks for the suggestion. And thanks for stopping by.

    J. Lynne,
    Thanks. It's mainly the summer heat getting me down. I'll just have to look forward to my next trip when I can have some of these.

    It's always interesting what things we end up missing the most.
    When I said rhubarb crisp I meant the dessert, aka rhubarb crumble. I've never heard of rhubarb chips either. :P
    Chocolate Zucchini Cake, and especially my mom's (of course I'm biased) is amazing!

  18. Jackie,
    Thanks for stopping by. I can't access your link right now but I'll try again later.

    You don't have to do things you're missing. Thursday Thirteen is for any list of 13.
    No doubt you're still missing Sunshine. More fur babies to love is never a bad thing!

  19. Ah these were great. I think I may starve in Japan though -- I eat cereal for dinner! :)

  20. Are you in Japan indefinitely? I think I'd miss everything you listed!! I know I miss the ocean, especially after our recent trip to the Pacific Northwest.

  21. I buy salt and vinegar chips behind my husband's back! hee hee
    There's Lays and Pringles with that flavor here. When I was in Dubai, I didn't mind the nori flavor of Calbee's potato chips.

    Can't echo missing Breakfast cereals because after 10 years in Japan, I feel that the typical Jap breakfast is the norm. :-)

  22. Iliana,
    LOL! I think I'm going to have to sneak a box or two into my suitcase next time I visit Canada.

    No, not indefinitely. We're hoping for another overseas transfer but if that doesn't work out we'll still leave eventually. Neither of us want to live here permanently.

    LOL about sneaking the chips!
    I've never really gotten into the Japanese breakfast. I don't mind it but not everyday. We usually just have toast or something.

  23. Hi, Nat!

    I agree with you about The Book Depository. Ever since you brought them to my attention, I have been ordering books from them and there just isn't a better place to get all your UK-published books from!

    About brown bread...have you tried making your own?

  24. Lotus,
    We even have a bread maker sitting in its box in the closet! We've talked about using it a couple of times but we just don't have any space for it in our tiny kitchen. It's a good idea though!
    And yes, The Book Depository is great! I've just ordered a few more books- like I really needed them! :P


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