Wednesday, September 26, 2007

2nds Challenge

Yes. Another challenge! But this one should fit in well with the other reading I hope to do from now to the end of this year. And it's the last one I plan to join this year, I promise! (Absolutely no promises about challenges for 2008 though!)
It runs from October to December, straight after the Non-Fiction Five Challenge, and the premise is pretty straightforward:
Read 3 books by authors that you have only read one other.
(As usual click on the button for more info or to sign up).

I'm going to keep it flexible and not post 3 specific books that I'd like to read, but instead list some of the authors that I have only read once but would like to read a 2nd book by them sooner rather than later. This list is hardly all of them but probably the ones I'm most interested in at the moment.

My possible '2nds' include:

Ian Rankin - I read Knots & Crosses this summer and want to continue with the series.
Clare Morrall - I really enjoyed Astonishing Splashes of Colour when I read it a few years ago.
Junichiro Tanizaki - I loved The Makioka Sisters!
Susanna Clarke - Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell was a great read! I'd like to read The Ladies of Grace Adieu soon.
Alice Munro - I've only read Runaway and really should read more by this famous Canadian.
Timothy Findley - another famous Canadian writer that I want to read more by.
Anne Tyler - I've only read The Amateur Marriage but have a couple more here that I'd like to try.
Ryu Murakami - In the Miso Soup was pretty violent and unnerving, but I'm curious to read something else by him.
Stephenie Meyer - I loved Twilight and want to read the next 2 books in the series soon.
Will Ferguson - Hitching Rides with Buddha was such fun, I'd love to read more.
...and anyone else I remember between now and December!


  1. This challenge was very difficult to chose for, I found. There are so many second books I want to read. I look forward to seeing what you finally settle on--or maybe you'll get to all which would be even more wonderful. :-) You've got some great selections there, only one of which I've read anything by (Susanna Clarke).

  2. I'm starting to get caught up on my blog reading and wow, so many new challenges! I must resist :)
    I'm so glad you'll continue with the Rankin books. I'm up to book 5 or 6 and they are good ones. And, I highly recommend Natural Flights of the Human Mind by Clare Morrall. I want to read Astonishing Splashes.

  3. Wendy,
    I know what you mean. I have quite a few second books that I'd like to read. Getting to all of them in this list would be really wonderful, but I'm not holding my breath! :P

    There really do seem to be a lot of challenges out there right now! I'll definitely continue with the Rankin series. It may end up being one of my airplane books when I fly to Canada in a month, we'll see.
    I keep putting 'Natural Flights of the Human Mind' on challenge lists because I do want to read it but somehow still haven't gotten to it.

  4. Woo Hoo! I'm glad you are joining in on the 2nds Challenge. I totally agree that there are so many to choose from that a list is a great idea. :)

  5. Joy,
    It seems like a pretty easy challenge, and a great idea, so I couldn't resist! Glad having a list is ok.


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