Thursday, September 27, 2007

Booking Through Thursday: Friendship

Suggested by Marsha:

Buy a Friend a Book Week is October 1-7 (as well as the first weeks of January, April, and July). During this week, you’re encouraged to buy a friend a book for no good reason. Not for their birthday, not because it’s a holiday, not to cheer them up–just because it’s a book.

What book would you choose to give to a friend and why?

My most common, spontaneous book purchases, that are not for myself (!), are baby books. A couple of friends have new babies so I'll sometimes pick up books for them when I'm book shopping. Those board books and learning to read books are so cute!

Unfortunately, most of the people in my life aren't big readers and the ones that do read, I usually don't know for sure what they've read or not. So I'll usually only buy them books if there is something specific they are wanting.

As for Buy a Friend a Book Week, I had a draw on my blog during the last one in July and I'm planning to do it again next week. The book I intend to give away this time is Strangers by Taichi Yamada. Why? Because it's a ghost story and it's Fall and the perfect time to read spooky stories. If it sounds interesting, make sure to come back on Monday when I'll put up a post where you can enter your name in the draw.


  1. I usually buy books as gifts, but I do have one non-reader in my family (my brother) and I'm always perplexed by what to get him. Non-readers *shrugs* what can you do?

  2. I always give books as baby and toddler gifts~no child can have too many!

  3. You know, I probably do that most often too--buy books for myself. :-) There's always an occasion for that. Haha

  4. I usually give books I enjoy to my sister-in-law or to one of my daughters. I've done this for so long that there is no particular book. However, as I think about it, a book I used to give to friends long ago was The Little Prince. Haven't done that in years, but it would still be an excellent choice to share with a friend.

  5. Kookie,
    Exactly! Those non-readers are so much harder to shop for!

    I completely agree that a child can never have too many books! :)

    LOL! I justify buying books for myself far too often I'm afraid. ;)

    'The Little Prince' is a great book and a good suggestion. I think I may have to pick up a copy for one of my friends.


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