Sunday, September 23, 2007

Fall Into Reading Challenge

There has been a whole slew of reading challenges lately that I've resisted joining, but I've decided to do this one hosted by Katrina at Callapidder Days. I love the button (click on it for more info) but mainly I love how flexible it is. It runs from September 23rd to December 21st and I've decided to list 5 books that I'd like to read during that time. They all cross-over with other challenges (some may call this cheating but it's not against "the rules") and hopefully that extra incentive to cross them off more than one list will help get them read by the end of the year. Besides I really have been wanting to read them for ages.

They are:
number9dream - David Mitchell
Them - Joyce Carol Oates
Unless - Carol Shields
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn - Betty Smith
Snow Country - Yasunari Kawabata

If I could also get through these, that would be fabulous:
Mercy Among the Children - David Richards Adams
Everything is Illuminated - Jonathan Safran Foer
The Silent Cry - Kenzaburo Oe
The Love of a Good Woman - Alice Munro
The Crimson Petal and the White - Michel Faber

Now if only we'd get some proper Autumn-like weather, I'd be content! Actually that's not 100% true since today it was considerably cooler. I can only hope it lasts.


  1. Nope, you're not cheating at all. Any reading counts for Fall into Reading! I love how you call yourself a "proud book geek" in your profile. I am too! Thanks for joining the challenge!

  2. Happy reading! I just read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn recently, and it's good!

  3. This is my first Reading Challenge, too. My list is fairly short, but I'll be adding titles as time goes on. Good luck on meeting your reading goal!

  4. Great list, can't wait for the reviews :)

  5. G'day from Australia,

    I enjouyed your comment on Lotus Reads' review of my bestselling novel Vegemite Vindaloo.

    In a few hours' time, I'll be answering your query, in a post on my blog.

    Thanks for your interest.



  6. 'A Tree Grows in brooklyn' was one of my favorite books. Reading Challenges are fun!

  7. Katrina,
    Your challenges look like such fun that I wanted to join in this time. And yes, I'm a book geek and proud of it! :P

    I've heard many times about how good 'A Tree Grows in Brooklyn' is so I really need to finally read it for myself. :)

    Thanks. You too in meeting your reading goals!

    Thanks. Good luck with your reading list.

    Thank you for stopping by. I'm intrigued to read your book after Lotus' review. I'll be sure to check out your post.

    Happy Reader,
    Reading challenges are definitely fun, but sometimes there are just too many to choose from! :)
    I'm looking forward to finally reading 'A Tree Grows in Brooklyn'.

  8. Welcome to the Reading Challenge! I will need to check out some of your titles here.

    A Tree Grows in Brooklyn looks really interesting!

  9. I also overlapped with other challenges....I just recently bought everything is illuminated, it seems like it would be quite a fascinating book, I look forward to your review!

  10. This will be fun! I love this reading challenge!!

  11. Lana G,
    Thanks! 'A Tree Grows in Brooklyn' seems to be a universal favourite.

    Much ado,
    I've had 'Everything is Illuminated' for ages. I love the premise of it so it would be good to finally read it!

    Katrina's challenges seem such fun I knew I had to join this time!

  12. So many challenges, and just not enough time!! I'm throwing my hat in ring for this one though. I have all those new books to review, and I love checking books off a list!!

    I love the books you've chosen. I'm especially interested in hearing what you think about David Mitchell's book. After finishing up Black Swan Green, I'm anxious to read some of his other works.

  13. Stephanie,
    So true about too many challenges, not enough time! I do love checking them off the list though.
    I've been meaning to read 'number9dream' for ages. I have 'Black Swan Green' too so will get to it eventually. I really enjoyed 'Cloud Atlas' and 'Ghostwritten'.

  14. I hope you do get around to reading "Everything is Illuminated". It's one of my favourite books ever!

  15. Nymeth,
    Oh that's high praise!! I hope to get to it too, I'll do my best. :)


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