Monday, September 03, 2007

feline frenzy

Scene of the crime:

Although there were no witnesses, matching pawprints were found at the scene. The motive remains unclear but when taken into custody, they entered a plea of "temporary insanity". With their long list of priors and no visible sign of remorse, it didn't look good.

However, after an initial show of outrage at the violence of the crime, the judge seemed predisposed to leniency. Bribery, perhaps in the form of cuddles and leg-rubbing, is suspected. Released with only a warning, the duo are already back to their usual nightly rampages. It remains to be seen if or when they will strike again...


  1. ;-) when we lived in Japan, my mom had a japanese friend who let us do "this". She would ask us to wet out fingers and make a whole. She assume the joy it gave us was worth the trouble I guess ?! (Lets hope she never had her own kids ;-) !

  2. What naughty kitties. Do you think it was a tag team effort or was one the culprit and the other the lookout?

  3. They put on their innocent faces don't they? And you can't help but let them off easy . . .

  4. Uh-oh. As Rod would say, "A cat's gotta do what a cat's gotta do."

    And don't they look so innocent there in that picture. Boy, I know I wouldn't be very happy about that!

  5. I love cats, but they really can drive me crazy sometimes. Mine are guilty of many moments of "temporary insanity", but judge here also always lets them get away with it :P

    Those are lovely pictures. I especially like the one of the paw.

  6. My golly! How often do you replace that in a year?
    I like the way you write this though!

  7. Oh my goodness! Those crazy cats! LOL (sorry, upon discovery, I'm sure it wasn't funny to you)

  8. Cathrine,
    Oh I can't imagine doing it on purpose! Maybe she secretly wanted to do it so she was living vicariously through you.

    Oh it was definitely Jiro who did the "climbing". He's the nimble one, but Bailey was certainly an accessory. I'm guessing they were 'wrestling' nearby then Jiro scrambled up to get away. When he's playing he doesn't care what's in his way. I still have a couple of deep scratches on my foot from when it accidentally lay in his path.

    Literary Feline,
    Oh definitely! They'll be so naughty but then they'll do something so cute!

    LOL! Looks can be deceiving! I was pretty stunned when I saw it, but what can you do after the fact. We'll have to re-paper it at some point. That should be fun! (sarcasm!) ;P

    I hear ya! Luckily they're cute and make me laugh. Balances out the naughtiness!

    That's the thing. This was the first time it's happened!

    No it wasn't very funny when I found it, more like shocked really. But we laugh about it now. It's actually quite amazing just how high he did go!

  9. They look innocent to me.

    I love how pink the white one's ears are in that picture.

  10. Oh no...I see a spray bottle of water in their future for further offenses.

  11. so funny....i've never seen cat-made holes with claw marks and everything.

    thanks for making me smile in office hell...

  12. Kookie,
    Oh but those looks hide some serious deviousness at times!
    Bailey's ears and nose always get really pink when he's running around or playing. :)

    We usually limit their access to the room that has the screen in it. It was partly our fault that we left it open during one of their rough and tumbles. I've tried water but it only works if you see them doing it. :P

    Glad to brighten your day! :)

  13. They look a picture of innocence in the photo too! Made me chuckle thanks :)

  14. Rhinoa,
    You're welcome for the chuckle. :)

  15. Oh so cute kitties! I miss my kitties....

  16. Yuriko,
    Thanks. They are cute, most of the time. :P

  17. What a cute post!! They both look so innocent (of course). I'd frame that photo - it's so cool.

  18. Nancy,
    Sure, they look innocent! We always end up forgiving them though. We are glad that they get along quite well.

  19. Clearly the damage incidentally occurred while pursuing a dangerous intruder - moth, mosquito, cockroach... Leniency was the right decision.

    Cathrine - Many families re-paper once a year. It is very common to let the kids do the "work" of removing the paper.

  20. びっくり,
    I didn't know that many people re-paper once a year. I guess since we've been here now for 2 years it's time.
    About the boys, LOL! I have my theories on what really happened! ;)

  21. Oh, another bit. Some folks lift out the shoji screens and put in fusuma (the heavy paper doors like you probably have on your closets) for the winter. They do hold heat a little better, but it is nice to get the light effects of the shoji. Also, keeping two sets of doors means you need to store the unused set, which can be tough if you don't have a kura.

  22. びっくり, I like the idea of changing the doors in winter. Unfortunately we're renting and have no option but to keep the screens in all year. We only have them in one room though so it's not too bad. And it's actually the warmest room because of the screen and the tatami, compared to the others with glass windows and wood flooring.


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