Friday, September 28, 2007

Look who's here!

Poppets are making their ways around the world. [This week] I sent Poppets off to Japan, Australia, the UK and Portugal. Each goes out with its own tiny magic, and the message inherent in Poppets; to open our eyes and look with broader vision, to see that we are more alike than different and that we're all in this together. - Lisa Snellings-Clark
After seeing them around on various blogs, I finally succumbed and got not one, but two of my very own poppets!
So please meet.... Violette and Kiara.

Plus I'm looking forward to spending some quality time with a certain doctor over the weekend as this arrived this week as well!


  1. Those poppets are taking over the world....:) Actually I have come close to ordering them as well. No doubt I'll give in eventually. Do they come with names?

  2. I am getting season one and two of House for my birthday. I think I might get season 3 soon after because for some reason it is about ten dollars cheaper than the previous two seasons. I would like to get it before they increase the price! (If they do).

    I love your poppets. I only have a red one because I haven't had a chance to invest in any of the other colour options. The purple and black are very Halloweenish.

  3. Will you guys please quit posting pictures of poppets?! I really want one!!

    Oh, Hugh Laurie alert! He's so cool! Have a great weekend with the Doctor!

  4. Danielle,
    I resisted for quite a while, but finally couldn't any longer. No, they don't come with names. Nancy named hers and I thought that was cute so decided to name mine as well. Childish maybe but it's fun! :)

    I hope you enjoy watching your House DVDs. I ordered mine from Amazon US because it was a bit cheaper than the Canadian price. You should definitely get Season 3 though! :P
    It was the purple that finally made me give in, and then she made the black ones! Now that I've started I want one of the original red ones too now!

    Oh just give in, you know you will eventually! ;)
    And thanks, I'm sure to have a great time with Hugh!

  5. I love your poppets! I keep thinking about buying a couple...

    We've been watching Season Three of House for the past week. I love Netflix! So nice to watch 3-4 episodes sans commercials! I'll never go back to live television. :) Enjoy!!

  6. Les,
    They are quite cute, aren't they?
    TV on DVD is wonderful! We have a projector so it's also fun watching on the big screen. :)

  7. I got two-one purple, one black as well. But I also ended up with a blue one because of a mistake!

    Have fun with House. :)

  8. House rocks! The best show on tv and Hugh Laurie is so cute!

  9. Welcome Violette and Kiara. I love their names!

    We've been working on House, Season Three, when we can squeeze in an episode. It's such fun! Enjoy!

  10. Eva,
    Nice mistake! I was very tempted to get a blue one too but didn't, at least this time around.

    House is so great! I watched the first disc (5 episodes) this weekend and can't wait to watch more.

    Ciara (Kiara is the alternate English spelling) means 'little black one' in Irish apparently. See my theme? Hehe! :P
    As for House, I've been enjoying..!

  11. awwww, you got some! LOVE how you have 'em looking at House LOL!~

  12. Janet,
    They're fun. I'm looking forward to seeing your orange one when you get it. And of course they'd be fascinated by House! :P


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