Friday, September 07, 2007

PhotoHunt: Music

Taken at the Miyako Odori in Gion, Kyoto
April 2006


  1. wow....that's a really classy pic!

  2. Welcome to Photo Hunters. Great photo for the first entry. What is she holding? Is that a musical instrument? We will be looking forward to seeing future entries. Have a good weekend.
    My entry is up, please stop by and visit.

  3. beautiful!! what a stunning photo.

  4. I've watched a dance like this. I have always been intrigued with Japanese costumes and culture.

  5. Great Photo you got here! Come see mine!...

    Happy Photo Hunting!...c",)

  6. Thanks for stopping by!

    Thanks for the welcome. Yes, she's playing a drum during the Spring Geisha Dances in Gion.

  7. I was in tokyo once but i miss all the culturul bits....Must visit Japan again....
    Nice pic!!
    have a good weekend...

    Drop by for some Bali music

  8. Welcome to the photo hunt! That is a really stunning photo. Beautiful!! :)

  9. I'm glad you chose something japanese; i love visiting your blog for a japanese fix :-)

  10. Welcome to the Photo Hunt! That is a wonderful photo. Terrific choice for this week's theme. So elegant and colourful.

    My Music Photo Hunt.

  11. What a stunning photo. I miss Japan. I used to work for an organization called the Reiyukai and travelled to Japan on a regular basis. Kyoto was definitely one of my favourite prefectures.

  12. Never saw drums like those - must have been a treat to watch.

    Wonderful pick for photohunt. Welcome to Photohunt. Hope you'll have hunting!

    my's at:
    Suzanne Vega

    or paste link:

  13. That's a fabulous photograph for your first time in the photohunt. Perfect for music.

  14. Lovely, just lovely Nat...I used to have several Japanese dolls (they were gifted to my parents by Japanese sailors when we lived in Goa, a well-known port in India) and this picture reminds me of one of them.

  15. Thanks to all the Photo Hunters for stopping by!

    The cultural bits are what I like best! :)
    Hope you get another chance to visit.

    Glad to satisfy your Japanese fix! :)

    I LOVE Kyoto!! I haven't travelled too much in Japan but it's certainly one of my favourite places.

    Yes it was a real treat! I'm so glad we got tickets.

    Some of those Japanese dolls are truly gorgeous, fragile though. Someday I'd love to have one but not until we stop moving around I think.

    Thanks Happy Reader!

  16. Gorgeous photo! I'm going to Japan in December and this just makes me even more excited.

    Happy Photo Hunt.

  17. Thanks -E! I hope you have a great time when you visit Japan! :)

  18. Beautiful! This is the most unique pictue I have seen in this category!

  19. Simple Journeys,
    Thank you! That's a compliment indeed!

  20. I hadn't realised you had joined in the PhotoHunt. I was travelling at the weekend and missed your arrival:)

    A superb photo. And welcome!

  21. Thanks A! I just realised I missed yours. I've been having trouble keeping up lately. :)


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