Saturday, September 08, 2007

See It Sunday: Stairs

202 steps at Shiogama Shrine, Shiogama, Miyagi Prefecture
August 2006


  1. Going down, I wouldn't mind but going up? My tongue would reach my waist.

    Years ago, I did love going to shrines and punishing myself by climbing up and down the stairs, for exercise!!

  2. Beautiful photo! These steps look exceptionally steep...a matter of commitment?

  3. Cool photo!

  4. Grace,
    Luckily we didn't have to climb up or down this particular flight of stairs as we came in a different way. Although that way was pretty steep too!

    Definitely...a pilgrimage!

    Thanks Stephanie and Rhinoa!

  5. I don't think I'd mind the climb because it's so pretty. Is there significance to the 202 number, or is that just how many it took?

  6. That makes my buns hurt just lookin' at it, but it is beautiful!

  7. Kookie,
    Actually I have no idea if there is a significance to the number 202. When I was looking up the name of the shrine, the number of steps was listed on some of the websites I looked at but without any explanation for that amount. Sorry. Maybe that's just how many it took? :)

    LOL. Can you imagine running up and down those?

  8. I love this photo. It would make a great book cover!


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