Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #4: TV shows

13 TV shows I currently watch

Note that living in Japan I'm usually at least a season behind.
* indicates shows that we're willing to pay for, by buying or renting the DVDs. Either because it's not available on TV here or they're so behind we can't wait.
The rest I probably wouldn't suffer too much if I couldn't see them any more for some reason but they provide an enjoyable diversion. Generally meal time is TV time for me since H often works late, and as much as I love reading I find 2 hands are preferable for most meals and movies too long. A 45 min. episode of something usually fills the time nicely.

1. Prison Break* - My latest obsession! We finished watching Season 2 last weekend. Not only is Wentworth Miller OH. SO. PRETTY! But I love the love-story between Michael and Sara. Sigh.

2. House* - Gotta love snarky, sexy Dr. House! I'm so looking forward to watching Season 3 on DVD soon now that it's out. It is playing in Japan but I'm impatient.

3. Grey's Anatomy* - Dr. McDreamy! Ditto on looking forward to the Season 3 DVDs.

4. Lost - Currently just over half-way into Season 3.

5. Dexter - This just started on TV here a few weeks ago.

6. 24* - We've watched Seasons 1-5 and we'll get to 6 eventually. We saw the first episode, as a teaser on the Prison Break DVD, and it just seemed like more of the same.

7. Spooks* - British spy drama, I believe it's called MI5 in the US. Love how they don't shy away from current controversial topics. We've watched Seasons 1-4 and will watch 5 once the DVD's out.

8. CSI
9. CSI: Miami - H likes Horatio, but I generally prefer Grissom and the Vegas cast. We've seen most of the episodes on air here already but if we're home when they're on we'll watch. Someday they'll catch up..

10. Numb3rs - I only recently started watching this and it's Season 2 that's playing here now. It's the kind of show that you can watch out of order pretty easily though.

11. The O.C. - I'm kind of embarrassed to admit this one. I'd never pay for it but I'm usually having dinner when it's on so I get my cheesy soap opera fix. Currently showing Season 2 here.

12. Gilmore Girls - This only started recently in Japan, we're half-way through Season 1 I think. It's quite cute. Another good dinner-time companion.

13. Hmm. I don't have a 13th at the moment. I am/was?? a long-time fan of ER but I haven't seen the last couple of seasons since what's showing here is years behind. I did go through an Alias phase but the series is done. It looks like Heroes is starting up here this fall so I'll have to check it out.

What shows do you watch?


  1. i love your lists! i watch most of what you listed too, but i've never heard of Dexter and Spooks.maybe I should look for them too.

  2. Spooks and Prison Break are two of my favourite shows!

  3. I'm one of those very weird people who doesn't own a TV anymore, and for the past 3 years that I *did* have one, I hardly watched it. However, that being said, I still do have a couple faves. I'm a wee bit of a sci-fi nerd (hehehe).... My current favourites are the new Battlestar Galactica, Stargate Atlantis, and the space cowboy "epic" (hah!) Firefly. I've recently picked up the first season of Prison Break, so looking forward to that. Oh, and I always thought Gilmore Girls was a really great program. :)

  4. I've been known to watch the occasional episode of the O.C. while I eat as well (like you, I can't read while I eat). It's one of those shows I can't say I like, but hey, it keeps me entertained for a little bit.

  5. This is the second list I've come across with House. I've got to check that show out.

    I'm with you on Grey's Anatomy and Lost.

    I love Wentworth Miller, but alas, never got to see Prison Break.

    My current favorite shows, to the "will even watch the reruns" point; are Supernatural and Criminal Minds.

    Great List


  6. I'm hopelessly addicted to 24 and I'm a big fan of Rome too. We're in Israel, but luckily neither of those are too far behind.

  7. Thanks for stopping by my site. I love Grey's Anatomy and House - 2 of my favorites.

  8. I like Grey's Anatomy.

    MI5 sounds good.
    Thanks for stopping by my TT.

  9. My list is rather short. The only shows I watch that are still on tv are House, CSI, and sometimes ER, but never in any sort of order... I will watch them if I am home and thinking about it, basically.

  10. Yes! Yes, yes! House = love. And I'll have to check out this Wentworth Miller guy if he's Oh. So. Pretty!

  11. Deegee,
    Thanks for stopping by. I've only just started watching Dexter but it's an interesting premise so I'll keep watching for now. Spooks is good, give a try.

    We started watching Spooks when we lived in the UK. I love how any topic is fair game on that show. Thank goodness for DVDs since it's not shown here.

    I've never been one for sci-fi shows, esp. space-related ones, but loads of people love them so you're hardly alone.
    I've only seen a few episodes so far of Gilmore Girls but the characters are fun. I just found out it ran for 7 seasons though! That's a lot of episodes!

    Exactly! A bit of entertaining no-brain required TV viewing. :)

    Oh you should definitely check out House. I love his snarky sarcasm. I'd never really noticed Wentworth before Prison Break, but now, oh I can't forget him! :P

  12. Robin,
    I've heard of Rome but haven't managed to see it yet. Japan is getting better at picking up popular American shows so new ones are only a year or so behind instead of several.

    You're welcome. Thanks for the return visit. I'm looking forward to catching up on both House and Grey's Anatomy as soon as the DVDs arrive in my hot little hands.

    Spooks/MI5 is good, plus the seasons are only 10 episodes each so it's not too time-consuming to get into.

    I used to watch ER religiously but haven't, as I mentioned, been able to see it for the last couple of years. I feel like I've turned into quite the little TV addict.

    Oh do, he's nice! Click on the link above for Michael and Sara, it's a youtube vid of their scenes together. And this will interest you, I hadn't paid much attention when I watched it a couple of years ago (he's my recent crush!) but he played the young Coleman Silk in the movie of The Human Stain! Since I found out I've been thinking I may just have to rent it again.

  13. Fun list! I LOVE Gilmore Girls; it's my favorite show. Keep watching; it's fabulous. I also love LOST and am so anxious to know what is going to happen next!

  14. TV! Hubby and I have cut back on our TV watching in the last few years quite a bit, although that's only TV we would watch during the TV season. We've come to appreciate watching TV on DVD or recording the shows and watching them later. I guess that makes us fall behind quite a bit. :-)

    Anyhow, I haven't decided if I will watch the fourth season of Grey's Anatomy. I do like Dr. McDreamy very much though . . .

    Lost is a must see show for me--I hate that I have to wait until next year to catch the new season.

    I love MI-5! Or Spooks. :-) We've only seen three seasons so far, I believe.

    Heroes is a awesome show! Definitely watch it! That's the one show I am realy really looking forward to catching when it starts up again later this month.

  15. Yes, do watch Heroes when it starts, you won't be disappointed.

    You are just getting to the good part of "Lost" the second half of that season was probably the best work they've done to date.

    Season 3 of Prison Break starts here on the 17th! I can't wait.

  16. I can't wait for CSI to start up again...
    :) Happy TT!

  17. I love CSI. Great show. Great list and have a wonderful TT. :)

  18. Spooks/MI5 was pretty good in parts. Unfortunately in the USA they cut each episode by 25% to make space for commercials.

  19. Wow. I don't watch any of these shows except CSI NY and Heroes. I have seen a little of ER. Good idea for a list! Happy Thursday! Thaks for checking out my 13 art works.

  20. #1 is my favorite!!! And I also love #2. I've watched 3, 4, and 11 (it ended here last year), but not regularly. :-)

  21. House, Numbers, Without a trace, Cold Case Jeopardy:>

  22. wow...of your 12, i am currently watching 7 of them, and would be watching 2 more is had the foxcrime channel...

    and, YAY for the OC. It's one of my guilty pleasures too - kind of reminds me when i was young & loved 90210. wait a minute...i STILL love 90210 & have to confess to watching the reruns too....

  23. Erin,
    OK, I'll keep watching. :)

    Watching on DVD is great - no commercials! Oh, so is the 3rd season of Grey's Anatomy not as good?
    Spooks/MI5 isn't available here at all so we buy the British DVDs, which are usually out about a year after they aired in the UK.
    I've heard lots of people say that Heroes is a great show. I'll definitely give it a go.

    I like Lost but don't adore it like you do. Good to know that we're getting to the good bit.
    And yes, I know that Prison Break starts soon there. You're mean!! :P

    We're quite a bit behind here for CSI. I should see what season it's on in the US.

    I love Grissom's little one-liners. :)

  24. Nicholas,
    That's really too bad that they cut it to add in commercials. :(

    We'll watch CSI:NY on occasion but somehow we never really got attached to the cast, and it's always so dark, literally. Another vote for Heroes.

    It's a pretty great show! :)

    I've watched a few episodes of Without a Trace but they changed the day and I forgot about it. I've never heard of Cold Case Jeopardy.

    We changed to the 'eraberu15' pack instead so we now have the Fox Crime channel. It's slightly cheaper than the old yellow pack too.
    Yeah, the O.C. reminds me of 90210 too. :P

  25. I just ordered Season 3 of House!! And, I like Number3rs, although I think I could get a little tired of the scowling if I watched too much of it.

  26. Nancy,
    Mine won't be here for 2-3 weeks but yesterday I watched a couple of episodes from Season 2 again. Just getting in the mood! :)
    LOL about the scowling in Numb3rs. It's only on once a week so I think I'll be safe. :P

  27. I like the regular CSI too. Never been able to get through Prison Break.

    Have a great weekend, XINE

  28. Christine,
    I was kind of surprised by how much I got into Prison Break. I'm addicted now though. :P


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