Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #5: Japanese snacks

13 Japanese snacks

(click photo to enlarge)

Back (L-R):
gobo (burdock) crackers
senbei (rice crackers)
nori (seaweed) flavoured potato chips

Middle (L-R):
green tea chocolate dipped sticks
umeboshi (pickled plum/apricot) pretzels
espresso chocolate dipped Fran
marron (chestnut) flavoured Pocky
wasabi flavoured Pretz

Front (L-R):
kakinotane (spicy rice crackers and peanuts)
tuna and mayonnaise flavour Jyagariko potato sticks
Crunky chocolate
green tea KitKat

and my favourite:

Häagen-Dazs Green Tea and Kuromitsu ('black sugar' aka molasses) ice cream sandwich


  1. I can't wait to try the new marron Qoo.

  2. I love umeboshi and gobo(strange behavior I know!) and anything with nori so that picture made me very hungry! Nice TT!

  3. I love Japanese rice crackers, especially the sweet chili ones.

  4. Those look yummy. I love Japanese movies so I think I would love their snacks too.

    my 13 is up on

  5. You always think of the most creative topics for your Thursday Thirteen, Nat. This one is really cool, I am fascinated by all the different Japanese snacks! I wonder if I will find any of them at our ethnic Korean (and some Japanese) store in Mississauga (Ontario)? I will definitely have to look.

  6. wow! these reminded me of my business trip back in tokyo and kyoto. I love to munch those.

    mine's up at Dear Me.

    btw, i'm bookmarking your site. I love your blog in account of the books you have here. Once I'm settled, I hope you won't mind me linking you up. :)

    have fun!

  7. yummy post! happy thursday, ittadakemasu!

  8. They really love food shaped like sticks, don't they? I am totally addicted to regular chocolate Pocky. Love it.

    The ice cream sandwiches look amazing. Do they taste more like green tea, or more like molasses? I love, love molasses.

  9. oh my GOD I miss Japan so much!!! Those umeboshi pretzels sound wonderful, and the marron Pocky and the nori chips...oh heck, ALL of it!

  10. Adekun,
    I haven't noticed that yet, I'll have to look for it to try. :)

    I love umeboshi and gobo too so I guess I'm also strange!

    I don't know if I've ever had sweet chili flavour but it sounds good!

    LOL! That's a good enough reason.

    Thanks but I do need some more inspiration...any ideas?
    Good luck finding some of the snacks at the shop. Whenever H and I travel somewhere it's fun to browse through a supermarket or convenience store to see all the different products available.

    No I don't mind at all. :)

    Happy Thursday (or Friday by now) to you too!

    Yes, there are countless types of stick-type snacks! Pocky's fun. I'm always suckered in by their seasonal limited flavours.
    The ice cream is the perfect blend of green tea and molasses! ;P

  11. Hmmmm...I would probably be starving if I lived in Japan. Seaweed potato chips?? And Green Tea Kit Kat?? What fun is that???

    Then again, I'm a pretty picky eater!!

  12. *drool*

    If you put wasabi flavor with ANYTHING I'll eat it in a heartbeat. This was so much fun to read and look at. Thanks for sharing!

  13. I've never had any of this stuff, but some of it sounds kind of good.

    Thanks for visiting my TT! :-)

  14. This is such a perfect post; the kit cat and ice cream sandwich would be my favourites hands down. Thanks for dropping by! Much appreciated. Hope you're having a great weekend, XINE

  15. Janet,
    Now that I've taken the picture I think I'll have to open up some of these this weekend. umeboshi chips are good too! :)

    I'm not terribly crazy about the seaweed potato chips but I do like green tea in all its variations here. You'd have to bring stuff with you or shop at one of the import supermarkets. :P

    LOL! You wasabi addict you! ;)

    Some Japanese flavours take some getting used to but I really love some of them now.

    It's hot out again today, I think the ice cream would taste pretty darn good right about now! :P
    Hope you're having a great weekend too!

  16. Some of your snacks look really familiar. I didn't know Crunky was in Japan as well -- I ate so many of those when I first arrived in Korea. Several that I haven't tried look good, but the one I want most is wasabi flavored Pretz!

  17. Bybee,
    I imagine there are quite a few that are available around Asia. Is wasabi popular in Korea?


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