Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Tokyo doesn't usually get affected much by the typhoons that hit the islands further south but man we got some heavy duty rain today. Of course just as I was leaving to go to my first class a deluge started. It's a 10 min. walk from our apartment to the nearest station and by the time I got there I was completely and absolutely soaked, and that's with an umbrella! Thanks a lot Typhoon #9 (aka Typhoon Fitow*)! 4 hours and 3 lessons later I was almost dry! Luckily it wasn't raining too badly on my way home and I managed to get in before the next deluge!
I knew the few cooler days we had last week couldn't last. Nasty nasty weather today. And let's not talk about how disgustingly humid it is! The silver lining in all those clouds is that while it's supposed to continue raining tomorrow as the typhoon heads closer this way, I've somehow managed to have the day off. You can bet I'll be staying indoors. I need to go curl up on the sofa again with my book. Regular blogging will resume tomorrow. Hope you're all staying dry.

Japanese Meterological Website HERE.

*FITOW {pronounced: fee~tow}, meaning: Yapese (a Micronesian language) name for a beautiful fragrant flower.


  1. I'll trade you this drought for your typhoon!

  2. It's that time of the year in Japan already? Oh, I miss rain!

  3. Andi,
    OK! :P
    I complain but I guess I'd rather have rain than no rain. Now if it were cool then I'd be quite happy!

    Yup, it's that season. We're getting quite a lot of rain from this one. I can't imagine living in such a dry hot climate like you do.

  4. I wondered if you were getting wet. Amazing how something that looks so beautiful from space can be so troublesome, below, isn't it?

  5. Nancy,
    Those images are deceptively pretty aren't they? Lots and lots of water fell on Tokyo over those 2 days but I stayed safely ensconced at home after that drenching on Wednesday. Just watched the wild weather from the window with the boys.


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