Friday, October 05, 2007

Friday Fill-in #5

Questions this week are courtesy of Amy:

1. If I were a tree I would be ... a Japanese maple because... I love their little red leaves in autumn. If you asked me this in the spring I'd say a Japanese apricot (ume) because the blossoms are so pretty and their twisty branches are very fun.
2. If I were a bird I would fly over ... Canada from coast to coast.
3. If I were a book I hope I would be ... a classic.
4. If I were a car ... I would be reliable.
5. If I could get rid of one piece of technology it would definitely be ... high-pitched ringing alarm clocks because ... there's nothing that'll put me in a bad morning mood faster.
6. If I could get rid of one bad habit at a snap of the fingers it would be ... procrastination, I'm the Queen of putting things off!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to ... sleeping, I'm really tired today, tomorrow my plans include ... ??? and Sunday, I want to ... go out to a park or somewhere to see some flowers and trees, I'm having withdrawal!


  1. Oh, I LOVE ume! The first to bloom in the spring, isn't it? And...yum, umeboshi! Sigh...

  2. I hope you get to the park, and get a little extra sleep. Have a great weekend.

  3. Ah, I procrastinate a lot too! I wish I could change that. Hope you get to the park this weekend! I think I'm going to go catch a film.

  4. I love the red leaves of Japanese maple trees too. :-) I love trees. I wish we had more around here. My dream would be to live somewhere where there were lots and lots of trees.

    A reliable car is definitely the best kind to be!

    I hate those annoying alarm clocks! Ugh!

    Have a good weekend!

  5. Janet: Yup, the ume bloom before the sakura. They're so pretty!

    Kookie: Thanks. I slept totally late this morning so I got some sleep. And hopefully we'll get to a park tomorrow. Hope you're having a nice weekend.

    Iliana: The weather has cooled off enough that I want to be outside and see some nature. We're hoping to get out tomorrow, fingers crossed. Enjoy your film!

    Literary Feline: I really miss not having trees around. And water, I miss not seeing the ocean. Even a nearby lake would do. :)

  6. I once threw a shrilly alarm clock the first time it rang after I bought it. Hate how my heart had to beat twice as fast because of it!

  7. Grace: Those alarms are just awful, aren't they?


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