Wednesday, October 10, 2007

more books

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You know, I really wasn't planning on buying any more books this month, at least not until my trip to Canada at the end of it. But somehow these ended up coming through the door last week. And actually the 2 Japanese titles were free (I used some points on my Tower Records point card) so they don't really count, right? Of course Violette and Kiara had to check out the shiny new books too!
So the new additions to the staggering TBR mountain range are:

The Historian - Elizabeth Kostovo
I've read a lot of positive reviews of this lately and since I was already reading Dracula, I decided I'd better read this too!

Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen
I Bookcrossed my old copy of P&P before we came back to Japan and I think a re-read may be in order sometime next year. I'm also playing with the idea of re-reading all the Austens next year as some other bloggers have talked about.

The Flower Mat - Shugoro Yamamoto
I was looking for something else to buy with Twenty-four Eyes and this one sounded interesting.

Twenty-four Eyes - Sakae Tsuboi
Will Ferguson made mention of this in Hitching Rides with Buddha, calling it "one of Japan's most touching novels". Who am I to argue with Will?

A Certain Slant of Light - Laura Whitcomb
A YA ghost story. This kept being recommended to me on Amazon because of Twilight, and I read a good review of it recently so into the basket it went too.

Eclipse and New Moon - Stephenie Meyer
I went ahead and ordered these because I want to continue reading about Edward and Bella and don't think I can wait too much longer.


  1. Great pics. I am halfway through The Historian and it is really enjoyable (although allow yourself the time to really become immersed in the book - it is not a quick read).
    I LOVED Twilight, enjoyed New Moon and my girlfriend just gave me her copy of Eclipse.

  2. I don't think I'll be able to resist buying "The Historian" for much longer. I keep seeing it for great prices too.

    I'd be very tempted if there was a Jane Austen challenge next year. It'd be motivation to actually get around to reading her.

  3. Our extra rider (the girl I'm hauling along to the pool) is currently reading New Moon and loving it. She said, "You've gotta read Twilight! You've just got to!!"

  4. I said that too at the beginning of this month. :-) Sometimes the books just call to you though.

    I do hope you enjoy The Historian. It was one of my favorites last year.

  5. Where in Japan do you live? I am going through yet another book phase...the other day I bought 22 books at Kinokuniya in Shinjuku.....and have decided to joing the triple 8 challange hosted by 3m...

    Perhaps we should arrange to swap some books sometime! Also, I would be very interested to hear some of your reccomendations for books by Japanese authors! Plan on trying to read a few next year!

    Look forward to hearing from you!
    Have a good week ne!

  6. Stephanie- The Historian certainly is thick. I need a break from Dracula type stories so I'll wait until I'm in the right mood for it.
    Have fun reading Eclipse!

    Nymeth- I got this copy of The Historian online and it was quite reasonable. There is already one short Austen challenge just for 2 Austen books or films (have you seen it?) so I'll probably do that one, but think I might go for the long-term project of reading them all as well.

    Nancy- LOL! Well you better get on it! ;P

    Literary Feline- They call far too often though, that's the problem!
    I'm going to wait to read The Historian until I'm in the right mood for a big thick book to get lost in.

    Lulu- Just outside Tokyo, in Saitama. I love shopping, or at least browsing, at Kinokuniya in Shinjuku but I mostly buy online since it's usually cheaper. A book swap sounds good.
    Good luck with the Triple 8 Challenge!

  7. The historian and Pride and Prejudice.. read them read them first :D

    I think ive read PP a couple of times and watch the movie several times.. Mr. Darcyyyyy :D

    sorry just got excited with your new list of books there..makes me want to go shopping for books now :D

  8. ideru- LOL! I've read P&P 2 or 3 times already but the last time was a few years ago now. And I've seen the BBC TV series many many times!! :D
    Have fun book shopping if you go!

  9. Whahahaha <--- mad scientist laugh. Glad to see that New Moon and Eclipse finally flew through your door. I hope you love 'em!

  10. Andi- LOL!! It was never an 'if', just a 'when'! :P

  11. What a great couple; Bella & Edward!

  12. Excellent, some more vampire related books! Looks like you have been bitten ;)


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