Monday, October 29, 2007

R.I.P. II Challenge completed

I ended up reading only 1 book from my original peril pool but I do hope to get to the rest of them sometime soon-ish. I signed up for Peril the First to read 4 books and I actually finished 5 so I'm pleased to have another challenge successfully completed. It wasn't terribly hard to do though really since I was in just the right mood for some gothic, seasonal reads. This also ended up being my personal 'Vampire Challenge' since except for the 5th book they were all vampire stories!

Books completed:
(click on the title for my review)
1. Twilight- Stephenie Meyer
2. Dracula- Bram Stoker
3. The Rest Falls Away - Colleen Gleason
4. Rises the Night - Colleen Gleason
5. Kwaidan - Lafcadio Hearn

Best book I read for the challenge?
I'd say Twilight since it was my very first vampire story and it really captivated me! Colleen's Gardella Vampire Chronicles are pretty fun too.

Book I could've done without?
None actually. While I didn't love Dracula, I'm glad to have read it and don't regret the time spent on it.

Any new authors? Will I read them again?
They were all new to me! I'll definitely be reading more by Stephenie Meyer since I recently got the next 2 books in the series. I've obviously already read a 2nd book by Colleen Gleason and I plan to continue with that series as well. I'm also curious to read more by Lafcadio Hearn, especially more of his Japanese writings and his re-counting of Japanese folk tales. I'd even perhaps read more by Bram Stoker someday.

Best thing about the challenge?
Besides being just plain fun, it introduced me to a genre I'd never bothered with before and find that I enjoy. The challenge itself may be almost over but I look forward to reading more gothic reads, and more vampires stories in the future. Thanks Carl for hosting such a great challenge!
Happy Halloween everyone!
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  1. Cool I have finished this too. I know what you mean about Stephenie Meyer, I ordered the next two books in the series and they should be here in a week or two. I read Dracula too which was much better than I was expecting. Hopefully you will read some more vampire literature soon (give Anne Rice a go if you do).

  2. great review, thanks for reminding me! I didn't read all four books I said I would, but I did add 3 big ones (the Twilight series).

  3. Happy Halloween! I think it's great that you discovered that you like vampire novels through a challenge. It makes them really worth the effort when you find something like that out, I think.

  4. Congrats on finishing the challenge! Hope you are enjoying your vacation too :)

  5. Carl sure does make his challenge fun! I only finished two of the four books that I picked out for the challenge, but enjoyed them both.

  6. Congratulations on finishing the RIP Challenge! Maybe I'll get to read along next year. I won't be tied up with so many other challenges. :-)

  7. I always make a long list now when considering challenges because I know that I'll be wandering through so many other great possible reads and neglecting many of the ones on my own list. The R.I.P. Challenge has so many participants and so many good titles to check out!

  8. Happy Birthday, Nat!! Hope you're having a fun celebration.

  9. Congrats! I squeaked in just under the wire with Frankenstein today. Dracula is high on my list since I started it a few years ago but never finished.

  10. congrats :D..

    darn, i could not find collen gleason's book ...

  11. It was a great challenge, wasn't it? Congratulations on finishing!

    That's a great questionnaire; I'm going to borrow it if you don't mind!

  12. Rhinoa- Congrats on finishing too! Thanks for the Anne Rice suggestion.

    Janet- Fun that you read the 3 books in the Twilight series for the challenge. I hope to get to the 2nd one sometime soon.

    Kookie- Thanks. Hope you had a fun Halloween! That's the great thing about these challenges, when they introduce me to books I might not have gotten to otherwise.

    Iliana- Thanks. The vacation is going pretty well and it was a nice sunny day today. :)

    Stephanie- The fact that you enjoyed the books you read is what counts!

  13. Literary Feline- There are always so many challenges it's hard to choose which ones to do. :P

    Jenclair- I haven't really checked out all the reviews yet at the review site. I'm sure it'll be bad for my wishlist though when I do though.

    Les- Thanks! It was low-key but nice. :)

    Andi- Congrats to you too! I may have to give Frankenstein a go sometime.

    ideru- thanks! I ordered Colleen's books from Amazon Japan but I did see the 2nd one at Kinokuniya in Tokyo.

    Nymeth- It was a very fun challenge! As for the questions, go right ahead. I just adapted them from someone else. :P

  14. Congratulations on another challenge completed! I really enjoyed this one and reading everyone's reviews. Carl is awesome.

  15. Thanks Robin. It was a very fun challenge. I'm going to have to visit all the reviews I haven't seen yet once I get back.


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