Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #7: Anticipation

Banner courtesy of Harlekwin

Next Thursday I fly "home" for a visit, so here are
13 Things I'm looking forward to...

1. Browsing at some of my favourite book stores, such as this one or this one.
2. Visiting friends and their babies.
3. Walking on the beach.
4. Smelling the ocean and generally enjoying the view.
5. Driving. We don't have a car here so I only drive in Canada when I rent a car about once a year.
6. Enjoying the Autumn colours. It'll likely be another month before the leaves turn here.
7. Taking pictures.
8. Shopping. It's hard to find my size in Japan so I'll have a bit of a shopping spree for clothes and shoes.
9. Eating Ukrainian food. Gotta have my annual perogy fix.
10. Eating lots of other foods I've been missing, like rhubarb pie, salt & vinegar chips, etc.
11. Relishing the calm and uncrowdedness!
12. Enjoying the Halloween atmosphere although unfortunately the jack-o-lantern festival that I went to last year has been cancelled this year. :(
13. Walking down memory lane.

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  1. So what sizes do thy have there that it's hard to find yours?

  2. oh nice, i hope you'll share pictures and recipes in a future 13 have a great trip

  3. What fun! wishing you a wonderful trip.
    Happy thirteening! there is a treat for you on my blog today :)

  4. You sold me!! Can I come too? Love the idea of numbers 3, 4, 8 11, and 12!!!

    Even if it is cancelled, Halloween rocks!!

    My T T is published, won't you drop by?

  5. Sound like great things to look forward to! Have fun :)

  6. Mmm, pierogies. Are the Ukrainian ones very different from the Polish variety I grew up with (filled with mashed potato, onion, and saurkraut)?

    I hope you have a wonderful time on your trip back to Canada!

  7. First off, have a safe trip back. Hope you have a great time and soak up all that atmosphere. I can totally relate to the bookstore and clothes comments.

    See, I live in Japan, too. I try to get back to the US every summer, though it can be tough some times. I'm fairly used to life here, but I definitely need a break to get my batteries recharged and to immerse myself in English.

    Mata ne!

  8. Happy trip and enjoy your vacation!
    How long will you be gone?

  9. When I first moved back home from Japan, I would roam the grocery stores, marveling at all the new products LOL! Have fun back home!

  10. How long will you be gone? Sounds like you have a great trip ahead of you. Of course we'll want to see pics :)

  11. Sniz- Unfortunately I'm not a skinny Asian girl with little tiny feet! For example, women's shoes tend to end at American size 8 but I'm an 8.5 or 9 usually.

    Joy- Thanks. I'm already planning to do a photo TT when I get back. :)

    mar- Thanks! I'll come check out the treat.

    Hootin'Anni- LOL! Sure. I am so looking forward to seeing the ocean. I've really been missing it.

    Coco- Thanks.

    Nyssaneala- They're probably pretty similar I'd guess. The ones I'm used to have potato cheese filling and no sauerkraut, but I know there are other variations.

    Gabriella- Thank you. I know what you mean. I'm pretty used to life here too but there are some things that I still miss. :)

    Grace- Thanks. I'll be away for 2 weeks. It'll seem both long and short.

    Janet- Oh I always visit the grocery story at least once and just wander the aisles. :D

    Iliana- 2 weeks and of course! :)

  12. In my early teens I lived in Japan. My family was there for a little over two years. Oh how I remember wanting all the cute clothes and not being able to fit into anything. I was 14 years old and 5'8", talk about feeling like a giant! The attention was nice though, tall, blond, blue eyed, I caused a quiet commotion everywhere I went.

    Enjoy your visit with friends and family and thank you for your visit to my site today! The banner looks wonderful.

    Happy WW!!

  13. It sounds like you will have a lovely time in Canada. I love Autumn colours and seaside walks and Halloween stuff. Very nice list.

  14. All of those things sound wonderful. Hope you have a terrific trip. I'll say that, again, before you leave. :)

  15. I'm so excited for you! You'd think I was the one going on vacation! ;)

  16. Harlekwin- Oh I can imagine the commotion you caused! And thanks! :)

    Nymeth- I'm especially looking forward to seeing the ocean, I've really missed it! And the fall colours, and ... :D

    Nancy- Thanks. I'm not looking forward to the travelling part but it'll be nice to be there.

    Nicholas- yup, Victoria. Thanks.

    Les- LOL! You did get to go earlier this year so that's something. :)

  17. Have a great visit and safe travels. Love perogies!

  18. Wow, Nat, you have lots to look forward to! I miss the ocean terribly...Lake Ontario, as big as it is, is no substitute!

  19. Thanks Norma. I'm looking forward to having the perogies.

    Lotus- I didn't miss the ocean so strongly when we were in the UK but here, surrounded by concrete everywhere, it's been a constant feeling. Can't wait! :)

  20. Welcome Back! While you're in Canada, I'll be in Hawaii - taking a much needed vacation with my family.

    Thanks for stopping by - always a delight when you visit.

    Take Care, XINE

  21. Likewise! Have a fabulous holiday, Xine!

  22. Have a abulous time on your visit and I hope you get to enjoy all 13 on your list.


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