Sunday, November 11, 2007

candlelight and roses

We went to a wedding yesterday, a friend of H's. But H is battling a cold and I still have jet lag so it was an early night. I'll post about my trip soon, promise!


  1. Oh, but it is a beautiful picture. What a lovely mood there seemed to have been!

  2. Hope you're up and about soon! This is a lovely, romantic photo. God bless.

  3. Beautiful photograph. Hope you enjoyed yourself at the wedding. Have a happy week!

  4. So romantic! Beautifully captured. TFS.

  5. Very romanttic photo!

    I hope H feels better soon.

    Happy Monday! :-)

  6. wonderful shot! the dinner is romantic too with those candle and roses.

  7. nice! i love weddings! only thing is, no one has invited me ever since i resided here in US. back in the phils. I was always invited,lol!

  8. Hi! I hope H is okay now and you've recovered from your jetlag. Happy Tuesday!

  9. Bellezza- It was a nice mood, but then I just love candlelight.

    Sandy- Thanks. I had a long sleep last night so I hope I won't be so sleepy this evening.

    Lorian- Thanks. Have a great week yourself!

    Shabem- It's hard to go wrong with candles and roses! :)

    tricotine- Thanks. He still has the cold but seems to be on the mend.

    mousey- there's nothing like candles to set the mood! :)

    quintarantino- It was my first time to go to a Japanese wedding so it was interesting.

    Jenny- That's too bad! I hope you get a chance to go to a wedding sometime soon.

    Liza- Thanks. Neither of us is completely recovered yet but doing better I think.

    SabineM- It was all very beautiful! :)

  10. What a beautiful picture!! It certainly looks like it was a perfect, romantic reception!

  11. welcome home :)
    I hope the trip was wonderful
    thanks again for the gift
    love c
    PS: Have you read Ali Smith's new book? It is really good :) !

  12. Stephanie- It was a lovely mood.

    Cathrine- Thanks and you're very welcome. I haven't even read The Accidental yet, I'm quite behind.

  13. Kat- It was a nice reception. Thanks for stopping by.


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