Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #8: Victoria

Banner courtesy of Harlekwin

As promised here are some pictures from my recent trip to Canada. And yes, I can count but I thought I'd do a collage and well... consider it 3 bonus pictures. :)
(click on image to enlarge)

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  1. Wow! Those are some gorgeous photos! :) Makes me want to go to Canada. :)

    My TT is up

  2. Very beautiful photos! Your vacation must have been very memorable. Happy Thanksgiving, Nat.

  3. Great photos. Thanks for the extra ones!

  4. Those are all really lovely. That sunset is beautiful!

    I posted photos from Florence for my TT this week. Must be the week for travel photos.

  5. Love the leaf in the sand! In the thumbnail I thought it was water, but the sand is even more interesting.

    Happy TT!

  6. Looks like a beautiful place! Thank you for sharing your photos. Happy TT!

  7. Beautiful photos. I hope you have a wonderful Turkey Day and happy TT! :-)

  8. Marvelous pictures! I clicked to enlarge and they are even more stunning, particularly the mallard and the sand covered maple leaf.

    I recognize the roundabout with the bales of hay and pumpkins! And the shot of the beacon with the posts tied with rope in the foreground. I have several shots of us standing right beside that, I believe!

    Where is the lighthouse? I love it!! Such good pictures. These would make lovely notecards. Thanks for posting such a pretty entry. It has such an autumnal feel to it.

  9. Beautiful pics. Especially the sunset one - that is stunning!

  10. What a very cool way to present your TT!! It looks like you and I had the same idea today, just presented in different ways.

    I really liked the picture of the Canadian maple leaf in the sand. I was also impressed with the shot of the pebbles in the water and the oak leaves that were spotlighted by the sun.

    You must have had a lovely trip because you certainly took some lovely pictures of some beautiful places.

    Happy TT! Thank you for visiting my site today and for your comment.

  11. How did I miss the banner? Thank you so much for using it and for the link.

    I haven't had my turkey dinner yet! Yeah, that's it, turkey and mashed potatoes are brain food. I'll have seconds.

  12. I love the pinecone! Something about them...

  13. Natalie- You should! :)

    Grace- Thanks. It was a good trip. Are you celebrating Thanksgiving?

    n- You're welcome!

    Nymeth- Aww, thanks. I had fun taking them.

    Robin- I was really happy to have caught the sunset that day. :)

    Deanna- Thanks. I like the leaf in the sand too and took several pics crouched over the sand that chilly morning. :P

    amypalko- Thank you.

    Shesawriter- Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving!

    quintarantino- Aww, thanks! :)

    Iliana- I just love sunsets over the water! :)

    Janet- The photo is a little dark but I'm quite fond of pine cones too! :)

  14. Les- I'm so glad you enjoyed the pictures! I knew you'd recognize those ones from Sidney. :)
    The lighthouse is kind of on the way to Sooke so it's off the Island highway, not the one up the peninsula towards Sidney. I think it would be about a 20-30 min. drive from downtown Victoria. I'd actually never been there before and wanted to go last year but didn't make it so I was glad to get out there this time. Anyway, it's called Fisgard Lighthouse and it's located by Fort Rodd Hill. Here's a link and you can click on the map tag to see where it is.

    Harlekwin- Thanks for use of your banner. Hope you enjoyed your turkey dinner!
    I really like how you presented your photos but I see it's a flickr application. I don't have a flickr account (yet anyway). So many websites to join and I don't have enough time for the ones I already belong to.

    Also thank you for telling me your favourites. It was a good trip and my first one using my new DSLR. I had a lot of fun taking pictures with it. :)

  15. I really like the pictures (especially the pumpkins!). 13 doesn't make a good square, anyway :)

  16. Great pics! I'll bet pumpkins on hay bales isn't something you see in Japan.

  17. Wow, these are some beautiful pictures. So glad I stepped into your blog so I could see your wonderful pictures.

  18. What a lovely TT :) Beautiful photographs...I have only had one brief taste of Canada and would love to go back for more.

    I was involved in four TTs this wee:

  19. HomeandHearth- You're right, 13 doesn't make a good square at all. :)

    Kookie- Yup, so true. I loved seeing lots of big, orange pumpkins around since the main squash here that they call pumpkin is green on the outside.

    Andrea- And I'm glad you stopped by. :)

    Linda- Thanks. I only visited one small corner of it this time but it's very scenic.


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