Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #9: Winter

Banner courtesy of samulli

13 signs that winter is on its way
(in my little corner of the world)

1. The leaves have finally changed colour. (photo taken last weekend)
2. You can comfortably wear wool sweaters, even a jacket and scarf some days!
3. You trade in your light cotton blankets for the electric blanket and the down duvet.
4. You plug in the toilet seat!
5. The cats sleep all curled up instead of sprawled out trying to get cool.
6. You start craving hot food like soup, hot udon or soba noodles, nabe, shabu shabu ...7. The yaki imo man is making the rounds on a regular basis and you get the yaki imo song stuck in your head.
8. You bring out the heaters and the electric bill starts to sky rocket.
9. It gets dark even earlier, at about 4:30 pm.
10. Other people start complaining about the cold. (I love this weather! No sweating seconds after showering, cozy sweaters and beds!)
11. The vending machines have switched half of the machine over to hot drinks. (I love Japanese vending machines!)
12. The shops are decorated for Christmas and you start humming Christmas tunes on your way home.
13. You start worrying about writing (and in my case making) your Christmas/New Year's cards on time.

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  1. I've never heard of plug in toilet bum is jealous! LOL!

    My Thursday Thirteen is up too! :)

  2. Things I love about Japan include warm toilet seats and the very flexible vending machines!

  3. It's still not that cold here in Israel yet (ok, in Tel Aviv it never really gets *that* cold), but we've started putting the heat on at night and the blankets are back on the beds. The cravings for winter soups and other hot filling foods are in full swing too.

    Happy TT.

  4. Natalie- LOL! Warm toilet seats are very nice in winter. :)

    Grace- The vending machines are great! Love how versatile they are.

    Robin- It never gets really cold here in Tokyo either which means no snow unfortunately.

  5. "The cats sleep all curled up instead of sprawled out trying to get cool."

    Sigh, how I miss seeing this. But in two weeks and a half I'll get to see my cats again :D

    lol, the other day I actually WAS humming a Christmas tune on my way home.

  6. Thanks for the atmospheric drawing of autumn in Japan. The words and images are serene and lovely.

    God bless.

  7. Plug in Toilet seats? That sounds wonderful!

    Happy winter and happy TT.

  8. That's a great list! Plug-in toilet seats? I've never heard of such a thing!

  9. I'm jealous of the warm toilet seats! Thanks for visiting my blog and Happy TT!

  10. That soup looks yummy! So are the drinks all tea?

  11. The soup looks so good. I had about half that bowl. I hope you don't mind. Wonderful list... Have a great TT.

  12. Now you have me craving udon. Yummy. Fantastic TT. Thanks for stopping by mine.

  13. sigh...I SO miss the yaki imo man! Those and the chestnuts are just so delicious!!! I'll send you a card if you send me a card!

  14. What a great list! My experiences in Japan were mostly limited to life on a military base, but I do recall how lovely it was as the seasons would change. Now I'm hungry for some soba!

    Happy TT!! I love visiting your lists. Thank you for stopping by my site today.

  15. I may not have to plug in the toilet seat, or have Japanese vending machines, but I am in love with the cooling weather, and in hate with the darkness at 4:30 pm.

    Visit any time


  16. Plug in the toilet seat! Not much winter in Florida, and I can't say I really miss it.

    Btw You have your Blogger preferences set so that commenters without Blogspot accounts can’t be linked back to their sites. I’m at and this week I’m #33 on the TT list.

  17. Some interesting facts here. Plugs on seats and that stuff? Nice, it seems.

  18. Oh my gosh!! Where do I get a heated toilet seat?!! We sure could use one here. It's currently 16 degrees (F) with a snowstorm on the way. Brrrrrr. I know you prefer winter, but I'm already longing to wear shorts and sandals again. Sigh.

  19. I KNOW I left a comment...I was all nostalgic for the yaki imo man...AND the chestnut vendors! Sigh...but then I remembered when I first got to Japan, we had a kerosene heater...boy did that thing stink!

  20. Nymeth- Glad you'll get to see your cats again soon. :)

    Sandy- It's certainly one of my favourite seasons here.

    Journeywoman- They are very nice! :P

    Dragonheart- Someone should market them outside Japan!

    savvyprchick- LOL! Everyone seems to love the warm toilet seats!

  21. Iliana- Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, lemon vitamin drinks, even soup occasionally.

    Sandee- No problem! :)

    pussreboots- I love hot udon in winter!

    Janet- I do get tired of the yaki imo song if I hear it alot! Christmas card?

    Harlekwin- I love the season changes here. Just wish summer wasn't so darn hot!

  22. Cindi- The cool weather is great! Thanks for stopping by.

    Nicholas- Thanks for letting me know. I haven't changed anything and thought it was possible before. Will check into it. Maybe it's Blogger being wonky?

    Quintarantino- Glad you found it interesting. :P

    Les- A snowstorm? Oh you know I'm jealous, weirdo that I am!! ;)

    Janet- Sorry that was me being slow to allow the comments through. I replied above too but just wanted to add that yes, those kerosone or gas heaters are awfully stinky! Luckily we're using electric ones.


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