Monday, December 03, 2007

Reading Update: November

My trip to Canada and the ensuing jet lag really cut into my reading in November. I only finished two books! Very disappointing!

Books completed:
47. Hide & Seek - Ian Rankin
48. them - Joyce Carol Oates

Since I did only finish two there's not much point in discussing my favourite and least favourite although I did rate them slightly higher. They were both good reads and were both by authors that I plan to read more of in the future.

Reading Challenges- Progress Report:
Fall into Reading Challenge - 1 done, 4 to go (by Dec. 21st)
2nds Challenge - 2 done, 1 to go (by Dec. 31st)
TBR Challenge - 6 done, 6 to go (by Dec. 31st)
Japan Challenge - 4 done, 8 to go (by Dec. 31st) -- No Change
O'Canada Challenge - 3 done, 9 to go (by Dec. 31st) -- No Change
Book Awards Challenge - 1 done, 11 to go (by June 30th, 2008)

Plus I've joined the Japanese Literature Challenge, and for that I'll be reading at least 3 books by the end of January.

Reading Goals for December:
As you can see from the above list of my reading challenges, there's absolutely no way I'll finish all of them. I usually try to choose my challenge lists from books I already own though so at least I've gotten some of them off the stacks. My priority this month will be reading one more for the 2nds challenge, maybe a couple more from the other challenges and then focusing on Japanese Lit. I'll also be making some lists of books and posting about the challenges I hope to join in 2008. It's hard to believe this year is almost over!


  1. Well you didn't get much reading done, but it seems like you had a really good time, and that's what matters. :)

  2. Good luck with your challenges. That's kind of my goal for December - make a bit more of an effort with my challenges.

  3. Some months are like that. I'm loving your fall photos. I didn't get around to taking photos of the leaves in Oklahoma and then they were practically blown away overnight. Ah, well. At least I got to play in the snow. :)

  4. Kookie- True! :)

    Iliana- Thanks. I admit I'm also looking forward to wiping the slate clean and starting on some new challenges next year.

    Nancy- Yes, you're very lucky you and Violet got to play in the snow! Looking forward to hearing your stories when you get a chance.

  5. next year you should join only 1 challenge ;o) the

    "Nat reads whatever she feels like just for herself" challenge :) !!!

  6. Cathrine- You're probably right! I do want to do more reading for myself and I do plan to cut down on the amount of challenges I join next year.

  7. hello--I was attracted to your profile pic... plus I am a readaholic...

    I have a black Neko here on my desk...

    we have a large Japanese bookstore in our village and I always get some great books there.

  8. d. chedwick bryant- Hi! Thanks for stopping by. :)


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