Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #11: Neglected Books

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Another book list this week. This one inspired by Danielle.

13 Books I wanted to read this year (but didn't get around to)

The Night Watch - Sarah Waters
Natural Flights of the Human Mind - Clare Morrall
number9dream - David Mitchell
Suite française – Irène Némirovsky
The Birth House - Ami McKay
The Crimson Petal and the White - Michel Faber
Inkheart (and Inkspell) - Cornelia Funke
Purple Hibiscus - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Tale of Genji - Murasaki Shikibu
My Name is Red - Orhan Pamuk
Mercy Among the Children - David Adams Richards
Across the Nightingale Floor, etc. - Lian Hearn
Sabriel, etc. - Garth Nix

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  1. Don't actually know any of those... Makes me feel a right philistine again... Oh well...
    Merry Christmas by the way :-)

  2. Sorry to say, I don't know any of those.

  3. Sounds like a good New Year's Resolution, then! :) Good luck getting around to them.

  4. Those all sound good. I am adding them to my too read list!

    My 13 is up on Working at Home Mom

  5. Ha, this is great. I have so many books I wanted to get to this year but didn't. The Birth House and Night Watch are two of them. There's always next year! :)

  6. Jeannine- Thanks! Merry Christmas to you too!

    Nicholas- Having seen some of your previous book lists, I'm not terribly surprised. I'm pretty sure we have very different tastes in reading material. :P

    Darla- I will try to get to at least some of them next year. But there always seem to be new ones that jump in front.

    Bloggers- Sorry I was lazy and didn't do links for the books.

    quintarantino- A mild understatement! ;)
    Only I do wish I could read faster!

    Iliana- I thought it was a great idea when I saw Danielle's list. Hope she doesn't mind I 'stole' it! And yes, there's always next year! :)

  7. Boy, I have fallen off the reading wagon this year. Thank for the suggestions. Although... Tale of Genji? That I've read before! ;)

    Happy TT!

    My TT is up: Reasons my life sucks! ;)

  8. I don't know any of these either, but I wish my neglected list was that short.

  9. I've neglected all of those but Inkheart! Happy TT to you...

  10. It is always interesting to see what people read as it says a lot about them. Thanks for sharing them with me. :-)

    You have a very informative blog!

  11. Claudia- Well Tale of Genji should count for at least 10 books! ;)

    Lisa- Sadly these aren't the only books I've been neglecting, just the ones I intended to read this year but didn't. Let's not talk about all the others still waiting!

    ellen b.- I've heard lots of good things about Inkheart. Hopefully next year.

    Dave- Hmm.. so what do my book choices say about me I wonder? :)

  12. Haven't heard of a one of these, but my reading is pretty basic. Have a great TT. :)

  13. Since seeing the previews for the movie, I want to read Inkheart and Inkspell, too!

  14. Hey, at least you've got your New Year's resolutions all worked out... I don't know any of these, but some definitely sound intriguing. You usually do have good recommendations, I'm finding.

    thanks for visiting mine...

    13 Extraordinary Winter scenes

  15. Well, I've read one of those and have three others sitting around waiting for me to get to them (read Suite Francaise and have Inkheart & Inkspell, Purple Hibiscus and The Birth House). Love the kitty banner. Thanks for the smile. :)

  16. Sandee- Thanks for stopping by.

    Janet- I haven't seen any previews. I'm not even sure I knew it was being made into a film, but it seems like such a book-lover's book.

    Damozel- Some of my New Year's resolutions anyways. :)

    Nancy- Harlekwin makes great TT banners! She's got some other kitty ones I'll have to use at some point. :)

  17. You have three books on the list that I wouldn't have minded getting to this year, but it wasn't meant to be. I guess there's always next year . . . :-)

  18. Wendy- Yes there's always next year. Luckily books are patient about waiting for us to pick them up. :)

  19. gee I don't knwo any of these--better get these onto my library list!

  20. d. chedwick bryant- LOL! Let me know what you think of any ones you get around to reading.


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