Sunday, January 13, 2008

2007: The Year That...

OK, I know it's almost the middle of January already but I never got a chance to post this so, indulge me.

There were a few memorable firsts last year. So looking back at 2007, it was the year that...

...we adopted Jiro. He's very playful and has been very amusing to have around. He's also my lapcat and so cuddly. We're glad he joined our family.

...I finally upgraded to a Digital SLR camera. I still have a lot to learn but I'm having fun playing with different lenses and settings.

...I went to the Sapporo Snow Festival. I'd been wanting to go for a few years so I was glad to finally get a chance to go.

...The Canadian dollar reached parity with the American dollar for the first time in about 30 years. It made for an expensive trip home in October/November.

...I started collecting poppets (and a rat). I first saw them on Carl's blog, then other people started getting them, and it was the purple poppet that started me off. Now I have a hard time resisting any colour! I don't believe I've introduced you yet to all of them so here are (L-R): Rascal the Rat, Violette, Kiara, Clementine, Cassie, Scarlet, and Chloe.

...I got addicted to reading challenges. I didn't finish all the ones I joined last year but it was fun participating all the same.

...I read and enjoyed vampire fiction! ;)

What were some of your highlights of 2007?


  1. Jiro is such a beautiful kitty! I'm sure he's providing you with great amusement. :)

    I love all your poppets. I'm tempted to get a few myself.

    For me, getting Annie-dog was probably the best highlight of 2007. That and my new kayak and our two fabulous vacations to the Pacific Northwest. It was quite a good year.

  2. That one's pretty easy for me - I went all the way to China to adopt my daughter!!

  3. Your cat is beautiful, and I love the picture of the Poppets all together. You have so many!

    Starting my blog and discovering reading challenges and so many like-minded people in the blogging community was definitely one of the highlights of 2007 for me. Also, my trip to Scotland, meeting Terry was a good year.

  4. I want a Poppet!
    Those are great highlights of the year. Oh and will you continue reading vampire fiction? :)

  5. That is such an adorable photo of Jiro! He's so cute. :-)

    Reading challenges are very addicting.

  6. I love your poppet collection especially the Chloe and Rascal. I haven't found all of mine yet since moving and still have a couple of boxes left to unpack so fingers crossed. I know what you mean about getting addicted to reading challenges, they are so much fun and always a big yay for vampire fiction!

  7. One of my highlights was reading your blog and seeing all the lovely pictures of a place far away that I miss very much!

    Btw, I gave you an award :-)

  8. Well, hmm, I guess my poppet collection was a highlight of 2007. And the trip to Hawaii. You have quite a poppet family, there! Love the names!

  9. Les- Jiro likes scratching things sometimes but he's really sweet and very amusing!
    You did have a good year! :)

    Stephanie- Oh yes! That's definitely the highlight of your year! :)

    Nymeth- I've found the poppets quite addicting. I can't seem to stop!
    I think you had a pretty good year too! :)

    Iliana- LOL. Yes, I'm looking forward to Bleeding Dusk, when it comes out next month and I plan to read New Moon and Eclipse sometime this year.

    Literary Feline- Thanks. He's curled up on my lap right now. :P

    Rhinoa- I hope you find the rest of your poppets! I know Rascal is a Halloween rat but I can't bear to put him away! He'll be my little reminder of Halloween all year!

    Janet- Awww, thank you! And thanks for the award too, I'll come check it out.

    Nancy- You naming yours was what inspired me to name mine! :)

  10. The poppets would have to be high on my list of favorites for 2007, too. I just don't know what I'd do without Little Red, Midnight and Ace. :) In fact, I'm thinking of taking them to my office so they can make new friends.


  11. Where did you get the poppets? I'd love to have those too! :-)

  12. Andi- I'm sure they'd love exploring your office! :)

    Grace- The artist's name is Lisa Snellings-Clark and she sells them on ebay when she has some available. I'll send you an email with a link to her ebay store.

  13. Jiro is so cute! And I'm strangely drawn to the poppets ...

    Some of my highlights were we bought and moved into our house, I got a job at a publishing company, then right at the end of the year got my dream job at a new public library near me. I swam in the Atlantic Ocean for the first time in years, and got to introduce some of my family to my husband's family for the first time since we got married. :-)

    I'm glad the Canadian economy is doing so well, but I miss the good exchange rate in paying back my student loans!

  14. Lesley- Sounds like you had a good year in 2007. And your dream job sounds great! :)
    I'm glad for the Canadian economy too but it does make visiting more expensive.


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