Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Best (and worst) Reads of 2007

The Top 5:
The Makioka Sisters - Junichiro Tanizaki (4.5/5)
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - J.K. Rowling (4.5/5)
Twilight - Stephenie Meyer (4.5/5)
Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell - Susanna Clarke (4/5)
The Good Earth - Pearl S. Buck (4/5)

Best Non-Fiction:
The Diary of a Young Girl - Anne Frank

Best Mystery:
Forty Words for Sorrow - Giles Blunt

Best Dystopian Fiction:
The Handmaid's Tale - Margaret Atwood

Best character:
Edward from Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (swoon!)

Best setting/Place I most wish to visit because of reading about it in a book this year:
Japan - reading books set around Japan always makes me want to visit or re-visit those places for myself. Such as Kyoto and the surrounding areas in The Makioka Sisters, or rural northern Japan in Snow Country by Yasunari Kawabata.
Of course I would also love to visit Edinburgh again, the setting of Ian Rankin's series. I also wouldn't mind visiting Newfoundland from reading The Shipping News by Annie Proulx.

Most Surprising:
Twilight - Stephenie Meyer
The Rest Falls Away - Colleen Gleason
Who knew that I'd end up enjoying vampire fiction???

Best new-to-me series:
Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer
Gardella Vampire Chronicles by Colleen Gleason

New-To-Me Authors That I Most Want to Read Again:
Junichiro Tanizaki, Yasunari Kawabata, Will Ferguson, Giles Blunt, Stephenie Meyer, Colleen Gleason, Ian Rankin, Pearl S. Buck

Most Amusing:
Hitching Rides with Buddha - Will Ferguson

Most Disappointing:
The Mother Tongue - Bill Bryson

Lowest Rated Book of the Year:
Buddhism: Plain & Simple - Steve Hagen (1/5)

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For a complete list of all the books I read in 2007, click here or link in the sidebar.


  1. I read 3 of your top five :-) although the Good Earth was years ago. I loved the Twilight series, too and agree with your assessment of Edward :-)
    I adored Will Ferguson's book, too, but again, I read it years ago. As for Bill Bryson, I really enjoyed the first few books of his, but he gets old real fast!

  2. I read A Good Earth a few years back and enjoyed it quite a bit. Twilight was a great book (LOVE Edward and now can't wait till the movie version is made) and A Handmaid's Tale is on my 2008 TBR challenge list.

  3. Edward? Did somebody say Edward? -faint- He's a hottie...

    Twilight's my new favorite series, too, followed closely by the Wheel of Time. ^^

  4. I'm crushed... what a reader you are.

  5. Was this the first time you've read Anne Frank? My parents took me to her home in Amsterdam when I was 8, and I'll never, ever forget it. I've read her diary about every other year or so, it never falls to 'charm' me. That's not the right word, somehow, but it's so very endearing how she tells of her life. I like this post of yours much better than the way I just listed the titles I read. I aspire to categorize such a list for next year.

  6. Twilight made my favorite list too :)
    Looks like you had a very good reading year - wishing you another great one!

  7. I just reviewed Master of GO by Kawabata.

    I feel the same - Have you ever read Some Prefer Nettles? Its by tanizaki I believe but it makes me want to buy a one way ticket to Osaka real bad :)

  8. I hope to read The Good Earth one of these days. And Twilight. :-) I enjoyed your list, Tanabata! I like the most surprising category--I may have to use that one next year. :-)

  9. Janet- This was my first Bryson but I'm pretty sure we have one of his travel ones here somewhere so I'll give that a go at some point.

    Stephanie- I'm looking forward to the movie of Twilight too. :)

    Nicole B.- LOL! I really need to read New Moon soon.

    quintarantino- I suppose I could be addicted to worse things! :P

    Bellezza- Yes, it was the first time I'd read her diary. I don't know why I never had to read it in school. I'm so glad I finally read it. We visited her home in Amsterdam too and I really wish I'd read the diary beforehand. Oh well an excuse to go back someday??

    Iliana- Thanks. It was a pretty good year. I hope you have another good reading year in 2008 as well! :)

    Nessie- I loved your review. I'm going to have to try to read it soon. I haven't read Some Prefer Nettles yet but it's in my Amazon basket so sometime soon hopefully.

    Wendy- I'm surprised you haven't read Twilight yet. You really should! :)

  10. You gave me some more books to add to my list of 2008 reads. I also have a Book review blog.

  11. Penelope Anne- Thanks for letting me know about your book blog. I'll come visit.

  12. Twilight made my list, too! I still want to read Colleen's books. Just need to buy them and throw them on the stack next to my bed so they can nag at me. ;)

    I'd like to read up on Buddhism, but have no idea where to start. I've thought about The Art of Happiness or one of Thubten Chodron or Thich Nhat Hanh's books. Every time I shelve one in the Buddhism section, I'm intrigued.

  13. Les- Colleen's books are fun, quick reads. I've got the 3rd one on my wishlist for when it comes out.
    I was a bit frustrated after I read the 2 books on Buddhism last year. I'd still like to read up on it too. My aunt gave me a couple of books on Tibetan Buddhism that I'll try and I do have another book on Japanese Buddhism. Hopefully one of these will be better for me.

  14. Love your recap! And amen to Edward for best character!

  15. Andi- I'm curious how the movie will compare to the book.


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