Saturday, February 16, 2008

a book meme or three

Blah! This was one of those weeks where I often wished I could just hide under the covers instead. I was even too tired to blog! Oh well, thank goodness it's finally the weekend!

I've been tagged by BooksPlease, Cass, and Nyssaneala for the '10 Signs a Book Has Been Written by Me' meme but I have to say it's a tough one for me. As much as I love books and reading and admire the authors, I've never thought I have a book in me or imagined I could become a writer someday.
So instead here are 10 signs of a book that would be perfect for me, but most likely not written by me! ;)

1. A stunning dust cover to attract attention right off the bat.
2. Beautiful prose.
3. Engaging characters that leap off the page.
4. A moving story that lingers long after turning the last page.
5. Including humour and sadness but never manipulative of the reader's emotions.
6. That captures the imagination, and/or makes one view the world in a different way.
7. An international setting, possibly a familiar one.
8. No typos, spelling or grammatical mistakes, or factual errors.
9. One that begs to be reread regularly, finding something new in it each time.
10. Illustrations scattered throughout.

I would've tagged Nancy for this one but she's already done it. It would be fun to see what Andi and Heather would say (hint hint!) since I know they definitely have a book, or books, in them. And frankly any one else who does have a book in them and dreams of writing one day, please consider yourself tagged.

On to Gautami's Non-Fiction Meme which I was tagged for by Nancy and Iliana.

a). What issues/topic interests you most--non-fiction, i.e, cooking, knitting, stitching, there are infinite topics that has nothing to do with novels?
I don't read a lot of non-fiction but what I seem to keep collecting (although not necessarily reading) is usually related to places I've lived or visited. Such as travel memoirs, history, biographies. Visiting historical places always peaks my curiosity and learning more about places I've actually been seems to be the most appealing. So most of what I have is to do with Japan, England and France with a few other European ones thrown in.

b). Would you like to review books concerning those?
Sure. If I read a book, I write about in on my blog so this wouldn't be any different.

c). Would you like to be paid or do it as interest or hobby? Tell reasons for what ever you choose.
Reading is my hobby and my blog reviews, such as they are, are intended only to give my personal reaction to the books I read. Trying to write reviews for money would likely stress me out and take the enjoyment out of it. That's not to say I wouldn't mind free books to review I just wouldn't want the added pressure of trying to write to a certain expectation.

d). Would you recommend those to your friends and how?
If they were books I enjoyed or I thought they would be interested in, of course. I recently talked to my Japanese tutor about a book I read last year, Princess Masako: Prisoner of the Chrysanthemum Throne, when she mentioned being curious about it. She's now even more interested to read it and see what she thinks of it for herself, coming at it from a Japanese perspective compared to my foreign one.

e). If you have already done something like this, link it to your post.
Joy's Non-Fiction Five Challenge last year was good for getting me to finally read some non-fiction since I almost always tend to pick up fiction instead if given the choice. You can see my wrap-up post here with links to the books I read for it.

f). Please don't forget to link back here or whoever tags you.
See above.

And I know I'm supposed to tag 10 people but I'm tired and some of you have already done it and I'm behind on blog reading so I don't know who hasn't and well... If you haven't done this one yet, please consider yourself tagged.

And last, the '123 Meme' which Cass also tagged me for (at least I think so since they were all together) but this is an easy one so why not.

The rules for this one are:
1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences

The nearest book is The Bleeding Dusk by Colleen Gleason since I finished it a few days ago but still need to post a review.
Did he think that since she'd seen and experienced so much more than other women that her sensibilities weren't as delicate?
"At least Vioget can recognize your faults," Max continued in that steady voice, as though he hadn't just insulted her. "And, aside from that, I wouldn't bloody care if you were to tear out Vioget's innards and screw your heels into them. ..."
On that pleasant note... I think I need some sleep. I hope to join the Sunday Salon tomorrow but I also need to spend the day moving furniture around. Sigh.


  1. I would read your book, Tanabata!

    I occasionally enjoy reading nonfiction, but fiction tends to attract my attention even more so. I'll be posting my responses to both of these memes later today.

  2. The 10 signs meme is really hard. I'd like that book you describe and would love to be able to write it, but I know I'd find writing a book impossible.

    I'll have a go at the Non-Fiction meme which sounds easier.

    Good luck with the furniture moving around - I hope you don't decide to move it all back, which is what I usually do!

  3. I think I'm having one of those weeks myself!! Hope you get some rest!

  4. I have a few memes to write up, too. Since I'm caught up on book reviews, I think I'll take advantage of a free afternoon tomorrow and post the memes altogether, as you've done.

    Hope you get some rest!!

  5. Moving furniture? Are you trying to kill us with curiosity? ;)

    Thanks for playing. And, that was an interesting passage from The Bleeding Dusk. Not a pretty one, by any means. Very cool about your chat with your tutor about a specific book. That's always fun!

  6. Thanks for playing. You were tagged quite a bit weren't you!
    Looking forward to your review on The Bleeding Dusk and I'm going to try and do the Sunday Salon too so see you then :)

  7. Literary Feline- I have enjoyed reading some non-fiction when I do get around to it but fiction is always more tempting.

    BooksPlease- The 10 Signs meme was a hard one. I don't think I could write one like that, or even one at all. And thanks. I don't think we'll be moving it all back but I'm not quite sure how everything will fit yet as the room sizes are quite different.

    Stephanie- Thanks. I hope you get some rest too!

    Les- Thanks. I got to sleep in today so that was nice. Looking forward to reading your answers.

    Nancy- LOL. No, it's quite mundane. The 2nd bedroom that we've been using as a kind of computer room is also where we have the litter boxes in a corner. The bathroom is much too small. Bailey was occasionally peeing on the floor but recently it's almost every day. Although he is better again the last couple of days. We've taken him to the vet but there doesn't seem to be any medical problem. I'm really tired of cleaning up after him but mostly I feel like the whole room has become his toilet. Not terribly pleasant to have to look around my feet everywhere I go or even when sitting at the computer and it gets smelly in there. Not to mention cleaning up when it gets under a desk or something. Plus I have books in there, poor books! So we're going to move the computer desk etc. out of there and make it essentially the cat's room where we can shut the door if necessary and they can play and be smelly and do whatever they want. Also if he pees on the floor it won't be such a pain to deal with.
    Problem is the only other space available as a study room is a small room which is technically a storage room/large closet, which at the moment is stuffed full of stuff! So I need to sort through a bunch of things, make space and then move some furniture around. Sorry you asked? :P

    Iliana- I'm not sure I have much to say about The Bleeding Dusk but it was a very fun read. :)

  8. I enjoyed reading your nonfiction answers. Happy Reading. :)

  9. Thanks Maggie. And thanks for stopping by.

  10. No, I'm not sorry I asked! That's kind of funny because I just recently told my husband if we ever move out of this house (and I want to move, someday), I'd love to have a cat room!

    Sorry Bailey has been a pain in that way. Sunshine got really bad about just squatting anywhere, toward the end of her life. I think she was always a little bit feral because she was a rescued stray (tiny, tiny when we got her - maybe 4 weeks old) but her illness knocked her into convenience mode. It's a nuisance.

  11. LMAO! OMG, that was the same book I used for this meme LOL!!! That was an interesting chapter, for sure :-)

    Have you read any of the Rei Shimura novels by Sujata Massey? I enjoy them very much!

  12. Nancy- We're not really sure what's up with Bailey. He used to pee on the floor occasionally if we were out for quite a while and the box We do clean it out regularly and since he's picky we completely change the dirt too quite often. And we've tried changing brands, and different types of litter box. We now have three!! All the usual suggestions. But now he's sometimes going on the floor even when the boxes are clean but the vet couldn't find any sign of a UTI or anything. So we're essentially at a loss. He's lucky he's cute! :P

    Janet- I knew you'd used the same book but it really was the closest so I thought why not.
    I have read some of the Rei Shimura series. I've read up to book 5, The Bride's Kimono. I've heard some mixed reviews of the later books but I'm sure I'll try the next one at some point. I do like how each book focuses on a different aspect of Japanese culture. How far have you gotten in the series?

  13. They we some good answers Tanabata! when should we expect your book?? :D

  14. antipodeanowl- LOL! First I'd need a ghostwriter and someone to come up with the story! ;P

  15. Tanabata, I would love to read your book - the 10 signs you have listed are great!

    I would love to do this meme.

  16. A Reader from India- Please consider yourself tagged! I'd love to read your 10 signs.

  17. Thanks! My wishlist for my books -

    I checked out the photographs of your cats - Very nice pics, and both look adorable.

  18. A Reader from India- The boys say thank you! On my way now to see your list.

  19. I dropped by on my blog hoppings! Really like your book reviews :)


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