Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dimple cook?

Wrong on so many levels!
Sign for a shabu shabu restaurant in Sapporo.


  1. There are plenty of that kind of signs in Japan! I don't know why they don't spell check their signs before putting them up!

  2. I got lost in translation. Lolz. That happens very often when you translate chinese words to english. Sometimes, they made it appear that human are food. Amusing.

  3. Nice sign with an amazing blue!
    On of these days I'll have to give a try on japanese food.

  4. Wrong spelling and words usage. Isn't shabu-shabu a kind of hot pot dip which is also known as steam boat? It would be nice to have it in winter.

    Oh yes, I have an award for you which can be picked up from my blog. Congrats and Happy Valentine.

  5. Nyssaneala- Thanks I think. ;)

    Grace- I agree. Grammar mistakes are a bit more understandable but the spelling ones are easily fixed. Oh well, gives me something to laugh at.

    Lawstude- Very lost in translation! But amusing though.

    quintarantino- I can't believe you've never tried Japanese food!

    Jesie- Wrong spellings, wrong words entirely! Shabu shabu is basically a hot pot where you cook the stuff yourself by swishing/dippin it in the hot stock. Thanks, I'll come check out the award.


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