Saturday, February 09, 2008

PhotoHunt: Heavy

Heavy snow in Shirakawa-go. Notice the guy shovelling snow off the roof. Click on photo to enlarge.


  1. I've always wanted an A-frame house like that!! :D Great pic for the theme.

  2. I have a lot of snow in my heavy photo too...come by and see!!

    My heavy is posted...hope you can drop by and celebrate my birthday with me. Happy Hunting!

  3. That is really heavy snow. Houses? What houses, these are wigwams :D

    Have a great weekend!

    My PH:


  4. very good photo, the job, not so good.

  5. I remember my in-laws house in Niigata during winter. Snow shoveling on rooftops is very dangerous in Japan,right? and people still do that (no choice I guess).

  6. heavy snow...Great shots, thanks for sharing.

    Mine is up at
    . Hope you can visit me too. Happy Photo Hunting.

  7. Wow!! That would be quite worrisome. Both the amount of heavy snow on the roof and the man climbing up so high!!

    Great shot!

  8. The earth tones of the house stand out so well against the white of the sky and the snow.

  9. I hope he is safe up there! I'd be too scared to try.

  10. That's heavy snow, and a lovely-looking house!

  11. Lovely picture! I love snow :)

  12. wow is he brave! But it needed to be done. The roof is so steep that you would think it would come down itself. My Photo Hunt — Heavy is here. Thank you.

  13. At my son's house last week we watched the neighbor across the street shovel snow off the roof. The funny thing was, he was on the opposite side of the roof out of sight, so all we saw was snow flying upward.

    My heavy post also contains heavy snow.

  14. Great photo. We never have snow like that!

    I've tagged you for this meme 10 signs a book has been written by me. Please see

  15. Just dropping by today to send along my heartfelt thanks for such a lovely happy birthday wish! Y'all made my day so special yesterday, and I cherished every single wish left in my comments. You're a treasure!!! Thank you kindly!!!

  16. As always, thanks to all the PhotoHunters for stopping by.

    Julie- wigwams.. LOL!

    Grace- I think shovelling snow off roofs is dangerous anywhere but yes, what else can they do? Although actually even in Shirakawago, we heard that some of the newer houses, not the traditional gassho zukuri ones, have a system that runs water through pipes just under the roof which in turn melts the snow and no need for shovelling. Pretty clever.

    Les- That area is known for its heavy snow and the design of those traditional houses supposedly withstands a lot of snow. Apparently they get much more than was there the day we visited.

    Teresa- I really enjoyed our day there seeing all the snow on the old farmhouses. Quite the contrast to hectic, neon Tokyo.

    Literary Feline- You wouldn't catch me up there either. I'm not known for my great sense of balance! ;P

    Nymeth- Me too. I was so glad we went there this year. It satisfied my snow craving for this year anyway.

    Katney- LOL. That must've been a funny sight.

    BooksPlease- We don't here around Tokyo either although where I grew up in Canada did get quite a lot of snow.
    The meme looks a bit hard but I'll give a shot when I have some time this week.

  17. holy MOG! we have to use a roof rake from time to time, but...WOW!

  18. quintarantino- And it was so fun to see! :)

    Janet- If I ever lived in a place like that, clearing the snow off the roof would definitely be someone else's job! ;)

  19. Now is the season I see pictures of heavy snow storms. I'm having snow for the last few days in a row. I hate to shovel them. I have never been to an A-frame home. Looks unique and cozy.

  20. JesieBlogJourney- These old houses are very unique and apparently designed that way to withstand the heavy snow in winter.


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