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Sunday Salon: January acquisitions

I've noticed a few people joining lately and it seemed like too much fun to resist. I don't always get much reading in on Sundays, it often depends on the weather, the season, and therefore whether or not we're pursuing our other hobby, out taking pictures, but I'll join in when I can. The weather today is pretty cold and wet, and even a bit snowy, so here is my first post for the Sunday Salon.
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I thought I might as well start off with a confession. I didn't set myself any New Year's Resolutions regarding book buying because (a) I'm not good at resolutions and (b) not buy books? That's just crazy! But I did have a little book binge in January (I hadn't bought anything since my trip to Canada in late October/early November so I do think that's showing some restraint) that I'm feeling mildly guilty about. That's because frankly I have more than enough unread books here to keep me busy for a few years I imagine. Oh well. They are a comfort, albeit guilt-inducing.

So here's the stack of books that have yet to find a place on my already stuffed to the max book shelves.
The Dogs of Riga - Henning Mankell
Still Life - Louise Penny
Tooth & Nail - Ian Rankin
The Gun Seller - Hugh Laurie
Birds of a Feather - Jacqueline Winspear
Murder in the Marais - Cara Black
The Space Between Us - Thrity Umrigar
Words Without Borders - various
The Human Stain - Philip Roth
Moloka'i - Alan Brennert
The Secret Lives of People in Love - Simon Van Booy

I was in a bit of a mystery mood so I just had to order the next books in a few series I started last year (Rankin, Winspear, Mankell), plus a couple others I'd heard of. Yes, I'm a bit late getting into the mystery genre. I also finally ordered Hugh Laurie's book. He's so great as House and I've heard so many good things about the book that it was time.
I usually choose my challenge reads from books I already own but I made a couple of exceptions for My Year of Reading Dangerously so two of the books are for that. But they were books I already had on my wishlist so it's not that bad, right? Moloka'i had also been on my wishlist for a while and appeared on several best of lists for 2007 so it finally made it's way to the basket as well.
I have a feeling I'll pick up one of the mysteries soon. I'm craving something to balance out the Dickens I'm reading but when I'll get around to all the rest of them is anyone's guess. The shopping really is half the fun!

As for what I'm currently reading, well, today I did spend some time with Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities which is my January choice (late again!) for the Year of Reading Dangerously. I am enjoying it, and it's got several chuckles out of me already but it's going rather slowly. I need to concentrate a bit more than usual to get his turns of phrase and it's unfortunately putting me to sleep some nights when reading in bed. Hence my desire for something light and easy. On that note, I'm quite looking forward to reading the third book in Colleen Gleason's series, The Bleeding Dusk, out this week, once I get my hands on a copy. Dickens will not defeat me though. I will persevere. In fact, I think I hear him calling now. Have a good week!


  1. Good to have you join us. I've just started reading Rankin too although I think I'm about three books further on. He definitely gets better and better so is worth persevering with. I'm intrigued by the 'Words without Borders'. What is it about?

  2. I see Hugh Laurie in there. I read that a while back and have a review somewhere over at I'll be interested to hear your thoughts when you've finished!

  3. Welcome to TSS! And I hope you love the Van Booy and the Roth as much as I did! I can't wait to re-read them.

  4. Oooh, I can't wait to hear how you like The Gun Seller! Every time I shelve books on the shelf near it, I think I should give it a try since I love Hugh Laurie in House. But ya never know. He can act, but can he write??

    I read Moloka'i a few years ago and enjoyed it, but didn't love it as much as some in the group. Hope it's a winner for you.

    I have an ARC of Thrity Umrigar's book, but it's been sitting on the shelf for quite some time now. I should make a personal challenge to read ALL the ARCs in this house!

    I have Simon Van Booy's book on my wishlist. Just need to make some headway on the books I already own!

  5. I made no resolutions or goals about book buying this year either, Tanabata. I've tried to set limits in the past, and I always fail miserably.

    The Space Between Us is really good--and sad. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did. Moloka'i is another favorite of mine. I have Murder in the Marais on my shelf. My husband read it and enjoyed it a few years ago, but I've still yet to read it.

  6. Table Talk- Thanks for the welcome. I've heard that Rankin gets better as the series progresses so I'll definitely keep at it.
    Words Without Borders is an 'online magazine for International Literature' (click here) and the book is a compilation of stories, poems, essays.. introducing authors that in many cases have never been translated into English before. I look forward to dipping into it.

    Debra- I've just come back from reading your review of it. Another positive one. Can't wait to fit it in my reading schedule.

    Andi- Thanks. I'm really looking forward to reading them both.

    Janet- :)

    Les- Apparently he can write, at least from the reviews I've read. Nancy loved it if I remember correctly.
    I hope Moloka'i is a winner for me too. Not sure when I'll actually get around to reading it but it's here now.
    LOL. The ARC Challenge! Good luck with that! :)

    Literary Feline- I know I would never be able to keep a restricted book buying resolution. Silly to even try. :)
    I almost bought The Space Between Us in Canada but convinced myself not to add to what I already had, but it went on my wishlist as soon as I came back.
    I don't remember now where I heard about the Cara Black series so I'm glad to hear your husband enjoyed it. The Paris setting is what appealed to me. So many books calling out to me!

  7. Thanks for the info Tanabata, I'll go visiting.

  8. ooooooooooohhh! Hugh Laurie! Sorry, he's so terrific, I just babble...

  9. I really enjoyed Moloka'i when I read it last year - good choice!

  10. Bybee- LOL! I can relate. I'm going into withdrawal- think I'll have to watch my House DVDs again soon.

    Stephanie- I've been eyeing it on my Amazon wishlist for some time but this time I finally moved it to my basket. A lot of people seemed to really enjoyed it. I look forward to reading it myself.

  11. I didn't know Words Without Borders had a book out...that looks wonderful! Welcome to the Sunday Salon!

  12. Oh, wowee, beautiful stack. I have Moloka'i and, of course, Simon's book. Hope you love it as much as I did. The Gun Seller is a total hoot. And if The Space Between Us was her first book, I read it as an ARC. I'm not sure if that's the one -- I think it is. It's sad, but I love Indian writing; it's so heavy on the senses. I remember I thought I could almost smell the spices.

  13. I missed out on the Sunday Salon this weekend but it's so fun. And, yay for new books - you've got Penny, Rankin & Winspear - some of my favorites! I want that Words Without Borders book - it's got a great cover doesn't it.

  14. I'd love to join in the Sunday Salon, but Sundays are not good reading days for me at all, so I'll just have to watch (read) the fun. I didn't make any resolutions about not buying books either as I know I'd never stick with it. Have fun with the Winspear book and I need to read more Cara Black, too! And I really need to read Colleen Gleason--her books sound like fun!

  15. Nyssaneala- Thanks. They've actually got two. This one and the other one is called Literature from the "Axis of Evil" which I'll probably end up getting too.

    Nancy- It takes true book lovers to get excited about a stack of books! :)
    I remember you having fun with The Gun Seller. Might have to pick it up soon when I'm having Hugh Laurie/House withdrawal. And I'm looking forward to reading Simon's book for the challenge.

    Iliana- The Words Without Borders book does have a great cover! As for the mysteries, I wonder which one I'll end up reading first. :)

    Danielle- Sundays really aren't great for me sometimes either but there's no obligation to post every week so I thought what the heck. I couldn't remember where I heard about Cara Black. Maybe it was from you? :)


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