Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hiroshima: genbaku*

Atomic Bomb Dome
Hiroshima Peace Memorial (Atomic Bomb Dome)


Hypocenter - The atomic bomb exploded approx. 600 meters directly above this point, about 150 meters away from the dome.

Memorial Cenotaph

*genbaku is the Japanese for 'atomic bomb'


  1. What a remarkable photo, Wow! These photos give me chills, I can't imagine what it must have been for the survivors....

    Thank-you so much for sharing

  2. Such beautiful and peaceful pictures for such a horrible thing...

  3. A tragic event that should never happen again.
    Very nice photo of the memorial.

  4. I visited the museum and was speechless.

  5. Madeleine- It must've been so awful. If you do read 'Black Rain' you'll certainly get a better idea of what it was like. I have some more photos that I'll share soon.

    Janet- What is now the Peace Park is exactly that, peaceful.

    quintarantino- I really like how they designed the memorial cenotaph to frame the dome and the memorial flame (which you can't really see in the picture).

    Grace- There were quite a lot of people there the day we went but it was pretty quiet, especially in the second part.

  6. Hi tanabata :)

    i received BLACK RAIN today. I have 2 books I am reading, as soon as I am finished i will start reading it. A little at the tim so.

    The fact that I will read this book between other more joyful novels makes me think...they lived that life.....almost unbelievble if I didn't have this mushroom cloud embeded in my mind.

  7. Those are such powerful images.

    This is sort of related, but sorta not. Have you ever seen the picture book Hiroshima, No Pika? It's a really powerful portrayal of the atomic bomb explosion. I always use it in classes to illustrate to students the power in a picture book. How does one handle such an overwhelming and horrific event in regards to children, etc. The illustrations are striking and the book is incredibly touching.

  8. Those are impressive in so many different ways. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Madeleine- I read it pretty slowly. I think it's probably good to balance it out with other happier stories.

    Andi- No I haven't seen or even heard of that picture book but I'm going to go look it up. Thanks.

    Nymeth- You're welcome. :)

  10. Thank you for sharing the photos, Tanabata. It's such a sad place, I imagine, even as peaceful as it looks in the photos. I hate how cruel we humans can be towards each other.

  11. Wendy- It is sad but in the rest of the city you'd never know what happened so I suppose it's good to have this place serve as a reminder.


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