Saturday, April 05, 2008

Month in Review: March

I had a pretty good month, finishing 6 books. I know that's not many for some but for me, especially the last couple of months, it's great. I can only hope it continues.

Books completed:
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7. Housekeeping vs. The Dirt - Nick Hornby
8. Kira-Kira - Cynthia Kadohata
9. The Road - Cormac McCarthy
10. Surfacing - Margaret Atwood
11. Birds of a Feather - Jacqueline Winspear
12. The Ash Garden - Dennis Bock

Favourite of the month: The Road

Least favourite: Surfacing

Books bought: 0
I thought I didn't want to know how many books I buy each year (it would be too sad to compare to the number of books actually read) but Iliana mentioned it during the 2007 year end stats time and I decided to add a 'purchased/acquired' column to my spreadsheet after all. And I thought I might as well look at it monthly from now on.
Don't let the above number deceive you though. Books bought in January = 10, February = 3, and already April = 3!

Reading Challenges- Progress Report:
(see sidebar for all current challenges and reading projects)
Book Awards Challenge - 6 done, 6 to go (by June 30th)
My Year of Reading Dangerously- 3 done, 9 to go
What's in a Name Challenge - 2 done, 4 to go
Austen Mini-Challenge - 1 done, 1 to go

New Challenges:
Orbis Terrarum Challenge - 0 done, 9 to go
Once Upon a Time II Challenge - 0 done, 5 to go (by June 20th)

Long-term Reading Projects:
Reading Japan Project - 2 books read in March, my list of Japan-related books read (by Japanese and non-Japanese authors) here.
The Orange Prize Project - none yet this year, my list of previously read titles here.

Reading plans for April:
Looking at the nationality of the authors I read in March (2 Brits, 2 Canadians, 2 Americans although 1 is Japanese American), I'm really looking forward to reading the books on my list for the Orbis Terrarum Challenge. But first I have a few more Award Winners to read for the Book Awards Challenge and some fantasy to choose from for the Once Upon a Time Challenge.


  1. I've done pretty well refraining from buying too many books this year. Of the books I've read so far in 2008, five were my own purchases, but I had a couple of gift cards, so I really didn't spend too much of my own money. Most of the other books were either ARCs that I got from work or publishers, and the rest were either gifts or borrowed from the library. I still have far too many that I bought last year that I still need to read!

    Glad you had a good month, too. It feels good to have read a half dozen, doesn't it?

  2. Very cool!

    Is Birds of a feather good?

  3. You did better than me, I read 4, 1big one over 470 pages. Not bad after all.

    i need to see how i am doing with my challenges, I read what I like, it always ends up fitting one of them. i like how you present them.

    Have a gret week-end, I'll see what I can do with my camera tomorrow, don't know yet, it is raining here and I am terribly tired. Put a pic of Oliver on my blog, first picture taken :))

  4. I read Kira-Kira to my class last year. I was surprised they liked it so much, because it was really a heavy book. But, necessary I think to get a view into someone else's life. My students have it so easy, and that's one of the things I love about literature: it lets them glimpse a more total world.

  5. Les- It does feel great to have finished 6 books in March!
    I still have lots of unread books from when we lived in England but it doesn't stop me from buying more.

    SaraLynn- I really enjoyed 'Birds of a Feather' and will probably order the next in the series sometime soon. Have you read the first book in the series, 'Maisie Dobbs'?

    Madeleine- I usually read 4 books a month so March was a good month for me. Helped that a couple of the books were quite short.
    I list my reading challenges each month so I can keep track of how I'm doing. So far this year, not too badly.
    I'll be over to see your pic of Oliver. :)

    Bellezza- I think it's great that your students liked 'Kira-Kira' and got to be a bit more aware that not everyone has an easy life.

  6. I've been tracking the number of books I've bought this year and I'm getting close to outnumbering the number of books I average reading in a year! No wonder my bookshelves are overstuffed. Ha,ha... Very good of you for showing restraint! :)

  7. Iliana- I think I'll be more than making up for it this month! I'm still scared to see what the total is at the end of the year but it won't stop me buying! ;)


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