Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mount Misen

Mount Misen is the highest point on Miyajima, an island near Hiroshima.


First we took the ropeway up part of the way.


Then we climbed a lot of steps to reach the lookout point.

lookout point

You can see the ropeway station in the bottom left of the above photo. We climbed all the way from there to get to the top. Whew!

Mount Misen summit

But the view was worth it!

view from the top


  1. Definitely worth the climb..what a beautiful view!

  2. You can't get more higher to paradise as this! Beautiful photos and thanks for sharinG! I will put this on my visit-pleces-before-dying lists. I have time, but this one is noted.

  3. That is a gorgeous view. Love the clouds, too. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos!

  4. Thanks for showing the photos - I don't think I'll ever visit Japan, so seeing it through your photos must be the next best thing.

  5. Hi Tanabata :)

    What beautiful photos and what a beautiful country japan is, thank-you for this walk to show us. I have seen most of Europe, North America and some of Africa and the Middle East but I have never been to Asia, always wanted to...

    Thank-you for sharing

  6. Nymeth- I didn't think that while huffing and puffing my way up, but it was worth it.

    daydream- Miyajima, including the shrine which I'll post photos of next week sometime, is considered one of the 3 most scenic spots in Japan. Certainly worth a visit. :)

    Iliana- It was actually very calm and peaceful up there too.

    Gentle Reader- I always love looking at clouds too!

    BooksPlease- Well I'm glad to give you a mini virtual tour via my photos. :)

    Madeleine- We're always searching out beautiful places to escape the concrete jungle we live in so it probably gives the wrong impression - that all of Japan is beautiful. It certainly has it's less than beautiful places too, I guess like anywhere. Sometimes it's the contrast here between modern and traditional that is quite fascinating. BTW, we've got a pretty comfy sofa bed. :P

  7. You are so very sweet Nat, maybe a day 'll find my way to Japan and try out this wonderful sofa bed.

    Thank-you ((((Nat)))

  8. brings back memories..
    we tried to go all the way down by foot but the obaasan at the restaurant there warn us that it might rain very soon and the road might be slippery..

    and yes the view up there was amazing :D

  9. Madeleine- Sure thing. :)

    Ideru- When did you go there? It sounds like it must be gorgeous in the autumn with all the red leaves.

  10. Wow! What an amazing view! How long did it take you to hike up to the top? Do you know what the altitude is? Was it a chilly day? It looks absolutely gorgeous.

  11. Les- I'm pretty slow going uphill but I'd say it was about 30-40 minutes from the ropeway station to the lookout. There are paths all the way down the mountain but I don't know how long it would take to hike them. The altitude, according to wiki, is 535 metres (1,755 feet).
    As for the weather, it started out a bit cloudy and spitting at times but cleared up quite a bit while we were there and wasn't terribly cold during the day. The breeze at the top was a bit chilly but overall it was quite comfortable for hiking. It was a great view and in fact, Miyajima including Mount Misen and the shrine (which I haven't posted pictures of yet but will) is considered one of the 3 most scenic views in Japan!

  12. Thanks for all the info, Nat. It sounds like a great place to visit! Looking forward to the rest of your photos. :)

  13. i went there golden week of 2006 :D

  14. I love those photos, Tanabata, and to actually see that in person must have been mesmerizing. Wow!

  15. Wow, no kidding. That's one heck of a view!

  16. Les- You're welcome. :)

    ideru- So right about now, a couple of years ago. Like I said before, I'd love to go in the fall sometime.

    Literary Feline- I even just loved being near water. I always miss the gorgeous views of the water in Victoria.

    Nancy- It was pretty great. I'm very glad we went. :)


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