Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday Salon: books in the mail

Last week, you may remember, I was contemplating starting something else to take a break from Black Rain but I ended up getting a good chunk of it read that night and finished it up early in the week. It was certainly a worthwhile read and one I'll not forget. After that, still in the mood for some fantasy, I picked up A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray, partly inspired by Heather's recent post mentioning the trilogy. There's definitely something to be said for reading a book that you're in the mood for. I'm almost done and will most likely finish it in bed in just a little while. Next up, Once Upon a Time in the North by Philip Pullman. I'm quite looking forward to reading about Iorek Byrnison and Lee Scoresby, from the His Dark Materials books, and how they first met. I've flipped through it and it looks fun. And I love illustrations. I wish more books had them!

Otherwise, this has been a good week for receiving books in the mail. Most of the books I ordered from The Book Depository last week have arrived (just waiting for one straggler). Books really are the best kind of mail! So here are my new lovelies:

Once Upon a Time in the North - Philip Pullman
I Was a Rat - Philip Pullman (since I didn't win it in Nymeth's giveaway...)
Pardonable Lies - Jacqueline Winspear (I read Birds of a Feather last month so I need to have the next one in the series on hand for when the mood strikes).
The Goose Girl - Shannon Hale (I've read so many glowing reviews I knew it had to be one of my reads for the Once Upon a Time Challenge)
The Book of Lost Things - John Connolly (Another one I've heard good things about).
Grotesque - Natsuo Kirino (I found her earlier book, Out, compelling in a dark, twisted way and have been waiting for this one to be released in paperback).

Plus I have a few more books coming my way. An order from Amazon (I've been a very bad girl this month!) and a couple I won (I've also been a very lucky girl this month!) so there is certainly no shortage of books around here. And I wouldn't have it any other way. Have a great week!


  1. Happy Sunday, Tanabata! It sounds like you have managed to fit in some good reading time lately.

    I haven't yet read His Dark Material books, but I do plan to. My husband read them and enjoyed them quite a bit.

    Look at those great book you bought recently! Being bad is good sometimes. You deserve to treat yourself now and then.

    Have a great week, Tanabata.

  2. Happy Sunday Salon! I love getting new books too. I recently acquired Shannon Hale's latest "Book of a Thousand Days" because of all the fuss made about her books as well. I think it got nominated for the online Cybil Awards which is probably where I first heard of it.

  3. Hi tanabata :D

    I like your books, no matter how many I have I love to look at others books still.

    I am going to read what you thought of BLACK RAIN, I will not start reading it for a while, I would like to read some Kawabata if it ever gets here from amazon.One is on it's way from BookMooch.

    I will get back to you a little later, for now have a good week, give a little scratch behind the ears to your kitties :D


  4. I hope you enjoy 'I Was A Rat', it's a very cleverly worked out little book. Have you read his 'Clockwork'? Another story that has a lot to say to all ages.

  5. Oh! I forgot, I have to buy some poppets, they are so awsome to look at, I have the link.

  6. What a great pile of books! I hope you enjoy I Was a Rat, The Goose Girl and The Book of Lost Things as much as I did :)

  7. Gah! I really need to pick up The Book of Lost Things. Your pile just reminded me. Beautiiiiful books.

  8. I love getting books in the mail. Yours look wonderful. Congrats on finishing Black Rain. I'm in a book I need to finish - it's long, but good. I don't really know why I won't just sit down and read.

  9. I see The Goose Girl! Definitely one of my faves! Can't wait for you to love it too :)

    And I also see Grotesque! I've read bits and pieces in the bookstore but haven't bought it yet. I loved Out too!

  10. I have A Great and Terrible Beauty in my TBR pile or should say mountain. Please let us know what you think when you are finished. I've been very bad also. However, like you I think book mail is the best. Of course I will have to get my hands on Black Rain now that you have twisted my arm. Have a happy week.

  11. What a pretty book pile! I just finished (and enjoyed) The Goose Girl and will probably pick up my copy of The Book of Lost Things soon. Happy reading!

  12. Literary Feline- LOL. Yes, when it comes to books, being bad is usually good! I'm certainly making up for not buying any last month!

    Imani- I keep hearing about her books everywhere lately it seems. The word of mouth of book bloggers is powerful indeed.

    Madeleine- I love seeing other people's books too! I'll be sure to give the boys a scratch for you. :)
    And the poppets are very fun but beware, buying them is addictive!!

    Table Talk- No I haven't read 'Clockwork' or even heard of it actually. I'll look it up, thanks.

    Nymeth- I have you to blame for those new books! :P

    Andi- You're welcome. :)

    Booklogged- Good luck with your current book. Sometimes the long ones seem so very long.

    Bunny B- Another vote for 'The Goose Girl'! I'm looking forward to reading it, and 'Grotesque'. So many books I want to read right now!

    love2b_tekey- I finished 'A Great and Terrible Beauty' last night and quite enjoyed it. I'll probably post about it sometime this week. Book mail absolutely is the best!

    Stephanie- I look forward to reading your review of 'The Goose Girl'. Happy reading to you too!

  13. I totally agree about books being the best kind of mail to receive, and your stack looks so very inviting! I'm also another lover of illustrations in books - guess that's why I read so much kid's lit. Have a great time reading all the new lovelies!

  14. jlshall- Thanks. I've already read the short Pullman one, with the fun illustrations. :)

  15. Oh yes books are most definitely the best kind of post!

    I have the Dark Materials on my TBR - and have read - and loved - the Lost Things. I have read good things about the Goose Girl so can't wait to hear what you think about that one.

    Happy Sunday!

  16. Great pic of new books and poppets! I see The Goose Girl everywhere... I really want to read that one. You'll have another book coming to you via Dallas soon :)

  17. What a great book haul! You made me realize that I'm in the mood for fantasy as well!

  18. Lovely books, and that was a lovely photograph! Are the poppets reflecting on Philip Pullman's book?


  19. Mrs S- I just got some more books in the post today! Can you see me smiling? :P
    I really enjoyed 'His Dark Materials'. Hope you do too when you get around to it.

    Iliana- This has been a great month for books! I just love checking the mail every day! :)

    Nyssaneala- So many new books and not enough time to read them!

    A Reader from India- Perhaps, or maybe they're just ogling the entire stack! ;)

  20. Ahh, the Book of Lost Things and The Goose Girl are two of my all time favourites! I'm sure you will love them! I'm looking forward to reading Once Upon a Time in the North, any return to the realm of His Dark Materials sounds good to me!

  21. mariel- I'm looking forward to reading both of them. Once Upon a Time in the North was good fun. I'd definitely recommend to any fans of His Dark Materials.


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