Monday, May 05, 2008

azaleas in bloom

Kyu Furukawa Teien

Taken last weekend at Kyu Furukawa Teien in Tokyo.

pink azaleas

white azaleas



  1. Those are beautiful flowers! Mine is up come check it out!

  2. Now I am confused :D Those are the same flowers it seems, they have this long stem prodruding out of the flower. But the leaves are different. I am going on google picture to get it right. I have azaleas and rhododendrons on my blog, except wich is which :P

  3. Hi Nat :)

    I went and checked on google image, yours are azaleas, mine are rhododendrons, but I have to say they are very similar in structure.

    Oh and the japanese tree here in Virginia? They do not bloom until mi-summer early fall, right now they are covered with leaves....they are also going to drive me nuts :P this is why I thought they bloomed such a long time

  4. Very beautiful! And so many colors. Thanks for the long-distance bouquet.

  5. So pretty! We havea TON of azaleas in NC, and the red ones and the salmon ones are my very favorites.

  6. breath taking photos! So beautiful! Thanks for sharing all the wonderful site in Japan to us!

  7. Such pretty blooms! Love it!

  8. Madeleine- They are very similar, and technically azaleas are a type of rhododendron. I posted a bit about the difference last year here. But I still get them confused. :P

    3M- Thanks.

    SandyCarlson- You're welcome. :)

    Andi- I love the salmon coloured ones too. Have never been a fan of hot pink! ;)

    Teddy Rose- Sadly they're already already drooping and falling off. (The pictures were taken about a week ago). It's sad that spring flowers last such a short time.

    Bunny B- They are very colourful! :)

  9. What beautiful flowers--you take such lovely photos, Tanabata! I wish I could print them out and decorate my cubicle at work with them. I'd feel like I was outside enjoying them. :-)

  10. Gorgeous sight!! I especially like the white ones.

  11. Thank-you so much...I am less confused, mine are rhododendrons the last ones on my photo blog (the older photos are azaleas), the leaves are very large and this plant was at least 10 feet tall.

    I went clicked on your photos and found a beautiful single azalea bloom, beautiful photo Nat

  12. They are absolutely beautiful! Too bad they don't last longer... We look forward to them all winter!

  13. I just gave you an award on my blog.

  14. Literary Feline- Aw thanks! I'd be happy to send you one or some in a larger size by email. Let me know. :)

    indigo- The white ones and the salmon-coloured ones are my favourite.

    Madeleine- You're welcome. Glad that made things a little clearer for you. And thanks! :)

    Robin- I feel like spring is just speeding by. I really wish it and the flowers it brings would hang around a lot longer!

    Teddy Rose- Thank you! :)


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