Thursday, May 22, 2008

dancing rosebud



  1. Very poetic nat :) it really looks like this rose is extending her/his arms and bending his/her head. Beautiful photo

    I received my books
    MADAPPLE by Christina Meldrum,

    About her: her education reads like "unbelivable" is there anything this woman hasn't graduated in ? "Juris Doctor of Harvard law school" and this is only a fraction.
    I really want to read this book and see how she handles it. "Madapple The apple of knowlege"

  2. Your pictures get more and more breathtaking!

  3. Oooooh. That is just SO beautiful!

  4. I love your title for this photo! Beautiful :)

  5. Beautiful! I love the DOF and the composition. Such a pretty rose!

  6. Madeleine- Every time I look at this picture I can't help thinking she? is going to start dancing!
    Glad I'm not the only one to see it! :)
    Enjoy your new books.

    Stephanie- Aw, thank you.

    Janet- From you that is a compliment indeed!

    Gentle Reader- It makes me want to start dancing too! :)

    Heather- I had to look up DOF, but thanks. I do love photos with a low f-number/fuzzy backgrounds. We recently got a really bright lens, f/1.4 which has been fun to play with.

  7. LOL sorry! My SIL and I are starting to speak another language I'm afraid. She's way more fluent that I am. That lens sounds great!!!

  8. Heather- That's ok. I'm not very up on the technical speak. :)


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