Saturday, June 07, 2008

PhotoHunt: Bad Hair

Why a photo of Bailey looking goofy for this week's theme, bad hair? Well, since he's white, his hair shows up on everything, all year long. It makes wearing dark clothes a pain since I have to de-hair them all the time. But now that it's spring, going on summer, when he's shedding A LOT, his hair is Literally Everywhere! Whatever possessed me to agree to having a white cat, I don't know. But this photo does make me smile. :)


  1. You aren't the only one. My dog is mostly white and while my cat is a mixture of white, but mostly orange, it seems like I am always covered in white hairs thanks to both of them.

    Love the photo of Bailey!

  2. lol, I love that picture! It's a lolcat waiting to happen :P

    I have the same problem. One of my cats is sort of beige, another is light grey and a third one is black and white, so no matter what I do there are always very noticeable cat hairs all over my dark clothes.

  3. That is one smug looking kitty! I half expected to see a mouse under his paws, or milk dripping from his whiskers. Someone's pleased about something!

  4. What a great shot! So much attitude. :D

  5. He's bad and he's proud it hehe... nice photo! :)

  6. are you lookin' at me?!

    very sweet :)

  7. Annie-Dog is shedding quite a bit these days, too, as she "blows" her winter coat. As I speak, she's at the groomer's getting all nice and clean (and hopefully, a little less furry!).

  8. Oh, my gosh, I just love that photo! It made me laugh.

    We have black hair everywhere. I suppose if you have a cat, you're obligated to defuzz, period!

  9. We really put up with a lot for the ones we love! My Tina was mostly black. Her fur really didn't go well with my summer wardrobe either. LOL!

  10. I love the look on his face. He looks like he's saying what all cats think: "I'm better than you." I know what you mean about white cat hair _ we have a long-haired one. :)

  11. Sooooo cute, I'd excuse the bad white hair that hangs to your clothes, etc.! BTW, he looks Japanese... in particular, he reminds me of those "welcome cats" in stores! :DDDD

  12. Literary Feline- LOL, the joys of having pets. Jiro's hair is much darker and usually not as noticeable but I still end up covered in hair when he sits on my lap. ;)

    Nymeth- I thought lolcat too when I saw the picture! :P
    We keep a lint roller by the door so H can make sure he's reasonably hair free before going to work.

    mariel- LOL. No milk or mice.. who know what he was so pleased about!

    Bunny Trails, philos, lingovise- An "I'm the king of cats" kind of look. ;)

    Les- We brush them, but especially Bailey, quite often in this season and it's amazing how much hair comes off. Hope Annie comes back looking all pretty.

    Nancy- Glad it brought you some joy! It makes me smile too. :)
    Yes, I think it's just one of the things that comes with sharing a house with a cat, or two.

    Teddy Rose- I'm not sure cat hair goes with any wardrobe! But it's the price we pay. :)

    Maree- Oh yes, you can tell he's feeling pretty superior at that moment. I can't imagine a long-haired white cat!

    YTSL- Haha about him being like the maneki neko. He is white, and Japanese. :)

  13. Great pose for the camera! I think Bailey is just adorable!! =)

  14. This shot has definitely bring a smile to me too! He's like, "So what I shed a lot of hair?" lolz

    Jean Chia

  15. LOLLL! And I mean that literally. I'm not just typing it. He's sooo cuuuute. But I do understand about the fur. Daisy is white and yellowish, so she shows up on my black work clothes constantly.

  16. Hey is this for the Weekly Geeks? Your cat is mega cute. White cats are beautiful, even though I like them silvery charcoal.

    I posted my photo post yesterday, when the theme was announced. However I have a problem with the image button. It doesn't want to appear on my blog as a widget for some weird reason.

  17. Oh! I love Bailey! He looks so snobby and dignified! I want to make a lolcat out of him that says MY GOOD SIR I'M AFRAID THIS WINE WILL NOT DO.

  18. kaycee- He doesn't usually pose for me so I was glad to catch this one. :)

    Jean Chia- Exactly. He's like "what's a little bit of hair...?"

    Andi- Yes we put up with the white hair on everything because he is pretty cute most of the time.

    daydream- No, this is for the Saturday PhotoHunt. I'm not sure yet what I'll post for Weekly Geeks. Probably won't be until later in the week.
    I love silver grey cats too. Russian blues are so pretty!

    Janet- All this adoration is going to go to his head! ;)

    Dewey- I've never made a lolcat, but that would be a good one.

  19. Oh, goody. I can't wait. I already posted mine and the likes. It was a very gothic photosession. ;) My first WG post.

    Have you watched that commercial about cat food Sheba. The silvery charcoal cat was wowness!

  20. daydream- I think I know the commercial you're talking about and if so, then yes the cat in it is very purty. :)

  21. Cute white cat I wish to have one. But my six cats are all gray and the other one is orange...

  22. So sweet. Bailey looks like he is smiling and about to say something! How do you manage to get your cats to pose?

  23. mimi- I love grey cats though. :)

    A Reader from India- LOL. It's usually just chance. He was sitting on the box already so I grabbed my camera and tried to get him to look up. The attitude is all him! :P


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