Thursday, June 26, 2008

Weekly Geeks #9: Challenges

This week's theme was challenges, and more specifically, getting them organised. I needed to update my progress on several of the challenges I'm participating in, so it was a nice push in the right direction. I keep track of my progress on my own blog each month but I've been bad about not posting to the challenge blogs. So today I've added review links or posted reviews at the various challenge blogs, updated some lists and I believe I'm now pretty well caught up. This'll teach me to keep them up-to-date. I'm still behind on the actual reading for some of the challenges but I'll be trying to work on that over the summer.

The following is a list of all the challenges and projects I'm currently participating in and my progress. (See sidebar for buttons and links).

Book Awards Challenge (July 1, 2007 - June 30, 2008) - completed 12 books out of 12
I just finished reading my 12th, and last, book for the challenge with just a few days to spare. I still need to review the last 2 books that I read for it but will do that soon. I plan to join round 2 that will start in August so I'll be posting on that again later.
Non-Fiction Five Challenge (May 1 - Sep. 30, 2008) - 1 out of 5
Herding Cats Challenge (May 1 - Nov. 30, 2008) - 1 out of 3
Orbis Terrarum Challenge (Apr. 1 - Dec. 20, 2008) - 2 out of 9
My Year of Reading Dangerously (Jan. - Dec. 2008) - 5 out of 12
What's in a Name Challenge - (Jan. - Dec. 2008) 3 out of 6
Graphic Novels Challenge (July - Dec. 2008) - 0 out of 3 (add to sidebar)
Reading Jane Austen (Jan. - Dec. 2008) - 1 out of 2
1% Well-Read Challenge (May 1, 2008 - Feb. 28, 2009) - 1 out of 10

I've also decided to join the 2nd Canadian Book Challenge, which starts next month, and which I'll be posting about in the next couple of days.

Reading Japan - I've read 8 books so far this year.
Orange Prize Project - I've read 2 books so far this year.


  1. OMG! this is so impressive! I should start organizing myself like this, but no, I couldn't and it would kill me, I am too much of a chaos walking :-)

  2. I tend to be bad about posting on challenge blogs and adding review links too. I definitely needed a push.

  3. roxana- LOL. Many aspects of my life are rather chaotic. You should see my desk! ;)

    Nymeth- I'm going to try to be better at it but we'll see how long that lasts. :P

  4. You've reminded me that I need to go over to the challenge blog and post a link to my last challenge book. I always seem to forget to do that.

    It looks like you are doing very well with your challenges, Nat.

  5. My challenges are a jumbled mess at the moment. :) I have the earlier ones from this year up on my blog, but the rest are in my head.

  6. Wendy- So far I'm managing to finish challenges in time, but often just. Ah well I'll keep trying. :)

    Nyssaneala- If I don't keep track I'd never get any challenges finished!

  7. how do you do it??? :)

    congrats for being so organised and focused!

  8. booktamer ama- Thanks. I wasn't very successful last year with challenges but I'm doing better this year. :)


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