Thursday, July 03, 2008

The 2nd Canadian Book Challenge

Well, I didn't join in the first time around, but I've decided I can't resist participating this time. I have quite a few Canadian books on my shelves and could use an extra incentive to read some of them. It's hosted by The Book Mine Set, and the goal is to read 13 Canadian books (because there are 13 provinces and territories) between July 1st, 2008 and July 1st, 2009. There are several themes to choose from to organise our reading, but I'm going to go with "The Free Spirit" with a handful of award-winners thrown in. Click on the button for more info on the other themes and how to join.

Here are some of the Canadian books I may read for the challenge:
The End of the Alphabet - C.S. Richardson
Dingo - Charles de Lint
Still Life - Louise Penny (BA)
Helpless - Barbara Gowdy
Mercy Among the Children - David Adams Richards (BA)
No Great Mischief - Alistair MacLeod (BA)
Larry's Party - Carol Shields (BA)
The Delicate Storm - Giles Blunt
The Lions of Al-Rassan - Guy Gavriel Kay
How to Be a Canadian - Will Ferguson
The Birth House - Ami McKay
Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures - Vincent Lam (BA)
something by Camilla Gibb
something by Timothy Findley
or maybe a re-read of Anne of Green Gables to celebrate the 100th anniversary,
or any of the other Canadian books in my TBR or that I may pick up on my next trip 'home'.

*(BA) represents book award winners and these will also be on my list for the Book Awards II Challenge


  1. I loved Still Life. Good mystery and a great detective. The End of the Alphabet was very sweet. You've got a lot of books on your list I want to read... Oh don't let me join another challenge! ha,ha..

  2. Good luck, Nat. I'm not going to join (I've sworn off all challenges!), but I'll keep you posted if I read any Canadian books. I'll be anxious to hear what you think of Birth House. My f2f book group is reading it later this year. I'll probably skim a copy from the library to refresh my memory.

  3. Of only read one of your choices (i.e., Birth House) but a few others are on my TBR list. Glad you joined the challenge!

  4. I'd love to join in, just for the cute button, but I'm resisting. Hope you have fun with the challenge!

  5. Iliana- LOL. I'm looking forward to finally reading Still Life.

    Les- I can't remember now if you liked it or not. Hopefully I'll get to it since it's been on my shelves for a while now.

    John- Thanks. It should be fun!

    Nancy- Thanks. :)

  6. I really liked End of the Alphabet. It's a quick read, which is a nice change of pace.

    I highly recommend Sweetness in the Belly, if you read a Camilla Gibb. It is a favorite book for me!

  7. Teddy Rose- I've heard a lot of good things about Sweetness in the Belly. I actually already own her previous 2 books though so have refrained from buying it since I haven't read them yet. I guess my hope it to read one of those so then I can 'permit' myself to buy Sweetness.. :P


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