Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Japanese Literature Challenge 2

When Bellezza announced that she was going to host a second Japanese Literature Challenge, there was little doubt that I would join in again. Of course I already have my long-term Reading Japan Project, but it's always more fun to share a common reading goal with others. Plus the first round of the challenge helped kick start my own project so they'll complement each other. The minimum requirement for the challenge is to read 3 books between July 30, 2008 and January 30, 2009. Click here to join or for more information on the challenge. Click on the button to go to the dedicated challenge blog.

As for what I plan to read, I've looked at my books and just can't narrow down to a list of three. I'd love to read more by Kawabata, or Tanizaki. I'd like to finally read something by Mishima and I'm also eager to get to Natsuo Kirino's more recent book, Grotesque. Then of course there is Haruki Murakami, or The Tale of Genji which I still want to try to tackle, or Rashomon which is on my list for the 1% Well-Read Challenge. So instead of setting myself a list now I'm just going to continue to read the books that appeal to me as I go along.

To help get myself a bit more organised though, I've created a list of all the books in my TBR stacks that are by Japanese authors or set in Japan. You can see the list here or from the link in the sidebar. Books I've already read are listed here.
I look forward to hearing about the books that the other participants read. And thanks for hosting again, Bellezza.


  1. Oh have fun with this! I really want to join this challenge. I'm trying to resist though :)
    I need to try Natsuo Kirino's books. I'll have to think about this one a bit more.

  2. Iliana- It's only 3 books in 6 months! (nudge, nudge) :P
    Natsuo Kirino's 'Out' was pretty disturbing at times. I'm curious what 'Grotesque' is like but with a title like that, it must be pretty dark too.

  3. Tanabata, I want to try Tale of Genji as well as Rashomon. (I did read a few manga, just for fun, but they're esentially worthless in my opinion. Not much better than knowing what my class would like as third graders.) The list/s you posted look absolutely fabulous! You introduce me to such great literature that I feel like extending the challenge to several more months. however, that does give us an opening for the JLC3 does it not? I so value your knowledge and input.

  4. I'm having trouble narrowing down my list too. So I think I'll either list some possibilities or do the same as you, pick as I go along.

  5. p.s. Iliana, don't try to resist. :P

  6. That's exactly how I do challenges. Whether or not I come up with a list, I always end up going with what I feel like reading, so it makes sense. I always love reading your reviews of Japanese lit!

  7. It's so tempting! I look forward to seeing what you end up reading, Nat.

  8. Bellezza- I haven't decided when I want to tackle Genji. It's so big it really intimidates me.
    And I think having a JLC3 later on sounds like a great idea! :)

    Nymeth- I'm doing that more and more with the challenges I join, posting a list of possibilities but being very flexible.

    Nancy- Me too. Sticking to a list is too stressful, I like making a list to draw from but then just choosing as I go along.

    Wendy- I have so many that I'd like to read, I'm looking forward to seeing what I end up reading too! :)


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