Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Salon: Summer Blues

I had the, apparently silly, idea that I'd get a lot read over the summer, being as it's too hot to go out to take pictures anywhere on the weekends. The last couple of weeks weren't very good for me though, reading-wise. I'd somehow forgotten just how thoroughly the heat and humidity saps my will to live! Thankfully staying home this weekend, being fairly lazy and avoiding the heat helped get me somewhat back on track with my reading. I've been reading the non-fiction book Shutting Out the Sun slowly for most of this month it seems but today I sat down and finished off the last 40 pages of it. It was an interesting read although I have to say that the gloomy prognosis about the future of Japanese society certainly didn't make me feel any less blue! Only to be compounded by all the scandals and lies and generally negative news lately. Sigh.

I tend to be a one-at-a-time reader but the main exception to this is while reading non-fiction. So to take a break from it, I read 99 Ways to Tell a Story (my review here), a graphic novel inspired by Queneau's Exercises de style. It was a very interesting look at storytelling and all the variations it can entail. I'm also about half-way through How to be a Canadian by Will and Ian Ferguson and it's just what I needed to drag my mood back up a bit. It has me chuckling regularly, and is the perfect way to keep my mind off the fact that tomorrow's it's back into the sauna!

I've been good and have refrained from buying any books so far this month, so I only received one book in the mail last week, Sisters of Misery by Megan Kelley Hall. It's apparently being billed as a gothic YA story which sounds quite appealing right now but I have a couple other review books I should probably read first. Here's hoping that the weather won't drag me back down this week as it looks like it'll be fairly busy. But for now it's back to Will and Ian and what being a Canadian is all about! ;)


  1. The heat can deplete our energy, can't it? Ugh. I've been feeling that way too often lately too.

    I bet you were relieved to be finished with Shutting Out the Sun. Even if you like a book, it still feels like an accomplishment when you finish one you've been reading for awhile, I find.

    I hope you have a great week, Nat!

  2. I think Sisters of Misery will be next on my stack. I got that one and I've read some good reviews of it, so I'll move it up.

  3. Wendy- I end up feeling so exhausted by the time I get home at night even though my schedule is the same. I can't wait for fall!
    It did feel good to finally finish Shutting Out the Sun especially since it's not even very long.

    Kim L- It does sound like fun. I hope to get to it fairly soon.

  4. I had the apparently silly idea of losing some weight this summer. First, I started with a goal of 15 pounds. Then ten. I've been losing the same four, and regaining them, all summer long. Now my goal is just maintenance.

    The heat zaps me, too. Just awfully.

  5. Bellezza- We're snow people at heart, aren't we? :)
    I should try to lose some weight but it's too hot to move, never mind exercise!

  6. I know exactly what you mean, Nat. I was so zapped by the heat, this past weekend, that I didn't even have the energy to read. And, yeah, it zaps my will to live, as well. If I were to become independently wealthy, right this moment, I'd buy a summer home in a cool place. Like Alaska.

  7. Nancy- LOL. A summer home in Alaska sounds pretty nice. Too hot to read is sad indeed. :)

  8. I, like you, labored under the delusion I would get a lot of reading done this summer. I have since learned to read I require peace and quiet, and "kids at home" are the opposite of "peace and quiet".

    Try as I might, I tend to be a one-book-at-a-time reader, too. I once was able to keep several books going at a time, in college you have to, but have since lost the knack. Even different genres, non-fiction and fiction, are difficult to manage in duality. Again, maybe after school starts and we settle back into a routine, I'll be able to get more done.

    My Sunday Salon post, Mummies, Mishka and More!

  9. thekoolaidmom- I generally need quiet too. I can imagine it's not very quiet at your house these days.
    I wish I could read more than one book at a time, and read faster, but what can ya do? Have a great week!


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