Friday, July 25, 2008

Thank goodness it's Friday!

1. I believe whatever doesn't kill you makes you bitter stronger.
2. If you're good at something, you should make the most of it.
3. Why so blue?
4. Something is out there, it's taunting me.
5. If my life were a sitcom, it would be titled Momma's Boys.
6. Sitting on my back porch sofa I see the TV, a couple of sagging bookshelves, and the boys flopped out on the floor.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to having dinner with H and his brother who is in Tokyo on business today (we had sushi and it was very good!), tomorrow my plans include staying home to avoid the heat, reading, and watching DVDs with H and Sunday, I want to do more of the same!


  1. your first answers make me think something's going on...things ok with you?

  2. The "bitter" you struck out literally made me cackle aloud. Your weekend sounds delicious. I'll be doing the same. I think Dan in Real Life is supposed to come for me from Netflix, and I can't wait to watch my beloved Steve Carrell. If it doesn't show, I'm thinking of re-watching Stranger Than Fiction for the 1100th time. Ahh, movies.

  3. Have a great weekend, Nat. I have a couple of dvds sitting here but my reading seems to keep winning. Doesn't help that my hubby isn't interested in either movie.

    It's hot here, but I have great hopes to get the kayak out on Sunday. It's almost August and I haven't paddled once this summer!! Tomorrow we're having friends over for burgers, chicken, hot dogs, potato salad, local corn on the cob and strawberry/raspberry shortcake. Oh, and Shiner Bock beer. ;) Doesn't get much better than that! For all that, I'll put up with the heat and humidity. Might even take my bike out for a cruise.

  4. Janet- I'm ok. It's partly the heat making me miserable, and then I'm also feeling rather blue about the state of the world, so many negative things. :(

    Andi- I finally got a copy of Stranger Than Fiction recently. I wonder if I can convince H to watch it this weekend.

    Les- I hope you have a great weekend too. Your summer meal sounds great, but can I have it indoors where it's air-conditioned? :P

  5. I love the strike out in #1. LOL I hope you are enjoying your weekend, Nat

  6. smariek- Thanks. Hope you're enjoying yours.

    Wendy- I'm not bitter, really! :P
    Hope you're having a good weekend too.

  7. I join you on "The Blah"
    I also read much less than anticipated, the heat is hard on me and I have to stay out of the sun :(
    I love sushi
    Have a nice week if you can, I will try, looks like annother hot one here

  8. Madeleine- Thanks, I'll try. Looks like this week will be pretty busy and hot. :(
    I feel a bit like a vampire in summer, always trying to hide from the sun! :P


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