Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday again

1. Dancing Listening to the Jonathan Ross podcast on my ipod (if you've spent time in England you probably know who that is) while I'm taking the train makes me laugh.
2. The last time I went to a bookstore I nearly didn't buy anything. (Just kidding!)
3. When I drive I enjoy the freedom of not having to rely on public transportation. (This only happens about once a year when I'm in Canada).
4. I thought I saw someone I knew standing at the crosswalk.
5. Give me a house with an ocean view (I can dream!), give me more hours in the day, give me Cheerios. (Seriously! I'll give you my address! They're not available here and I've been craving them lately. Raspberries too but they don't travel so well ;)
6. Next week I am looking forward to cooler weather (unlikely but fingers crossed).
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to reading more of Maus II, tomorrow my plans include maybe going shopping with H and eating out somewhere and Sunday, I want to relax and work on some stuff I didn't get done this week!

I was tagged by Jean Chia for the 123 Book Meme and I'm always up for another round of that one.

~Start Copy Here~
1. Pick up the nearest book of at least 123 pages.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences after the tag chain.
5. Spread this tag to as many people as you can.

Book Tag Chain: 1) Only The Good Stuff, What Simply Works 2) Reflexes 3) A Great Pleasure 4) Color It Green 5) In Spring it is the Dawn 6) Your Site Here
~End Copy Here~

Like I mentioned above, right now I'm reading Maus II by Art Spiegelman, and here's page 123:

A few years ago I went outside here to buy for Mala bagels. I got dizzy, so like now, I grabbed to a bush, and I fell...
I crawled to the side so people can see me but won't step on me. Finally someone helped.
I'm also reading Cave in the Snow by Vicki MacKenzie:
She looked upon these friendships as 'treasures' in her life. 'I have met some truly wonderful people - and I am always grateful for that', she said.
Her friends, family and the multitude of sentient beings she did not know were also included in her prayers and meditations.
I'm going to tag Florinda, Madeleine, Janet, Popin, Kailana, and anyone else who feels like it. And of course feel free to ignore the tag if you're not in the mood.


  1. I would happily send you some Cheerios! What kind? Anything else? Dude, I know how it was :-) Seriously, tho, you need to make friends with someone military...they sell Cheerios and all manner of American things on base.

    Nobody, as far as I know, has ever called him Mr. Goldberg. Alice and Abigail both call him Larry; Sarah, who likes to keep him distinguished in her mind from another friend of ours named Larry, has always referred to him as Larry Fats Goldberg the One Who Makes Pizza. I still call him Fats.
    from Alice, Let's Eat by Calvin Trillin

  2. I'll go back to the 123 Meme instead of doing Tuesday Teasers next week, since you tagged me :-). I've been planning to alternate them anyway. Or else I'll combine them - take the "teaser" from Page 123!

    And I had a similar answer to #2 - not like anyone would believe it was true.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. No Cheerios?!!Yikes! :)

    What is the weather there? It's hot here in Texas...

  4. I'd so love a house with an ocean view.

    I really look forward to your thoughts on Maus II!

  5. have a great weekend! enjoy your book!

  6. No Cheerios? That's not good! I'm dreaming of more hours in the day too :)

    Enjoy your weekend!

  7. hi tanabata! thanks fr doing this tag! i will add u to my list! :)

    hey, what an interesting books u hv! Maus II is comic huh? My last comic was on archie. hehe

  8. Janet- I may have to take you up on that! And I know, I've heard that you can get all kinds of stuff on base! And thanks for doing the meme. :)

    Florinda- I figured you'd be up for it. :)
    I actually don't often buy books at the last bookstore I was at because they're usually more expensive there. But I did find one that was a good price.

    YellowRose- Today has actually been quite cool for a change but summer here is quite hot and humid.

    Nymeth- Living by the ocean would be so nice... sigh.

    Alison- Thanks. Have a great weekend yourself.

    Iliana- The cereal situation is pretty dismal in Japan. It's essentially corn flakes, bran flakes and occasionally granola or muesli. :(

    Jean Chia- No problem, it's a fun, easy meme. Yup, Maus I and II are graphic novels about the author's parents who survived Auschwitz.

  9. Every single time I buy Cheerios for my hubby, I think of you and think I really should buy a couple of boxes to mail to you. You've been without Cheerios for almost as long as I've known you!

  10. I would love to live in a house with an ocean view . . . My hotel room is supposed to have an ocean view when we travel to Hawaii. I guess that will have to do. :-)

    I hope you had a great weekend!

  11. Les- LOL. Thanks for thinking of me but sorry to disturb your shopping! :P

    Wendy- Wouldn't a house with an ocean view be heavenly? Even though it's only for a short time, I think a hotel room with an ocean view in Hawaii sounds pretty darn nice too! :)


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