Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday Salon: Summer vacation

It's back to work again tomorrow which means our short summer vacation is unfortunately at an end. I didn't end up getting anywhere near all the stuff done I would've liked to. I'd gladly have another week or so but it was nice to have at least a few days off. I did finally start on a project that I've been thinking of for some time so that's something. And I recently got Photoshop Elements so have been playing around with it a bit too. I can't do anything fancy yet but I did make a new header! And I've also just started a new, purely photoblog, which I hope to post to frequently. You can find it here.

As for reading, since I last joined the Salon two weeks ago, I finished reading Clouds Over Mountains, which was an interesting historical mystery that took me to Hawaii and Japan (review here). Then luckily my copy of When Twilight Burns arrived before we left to visit the in-laws. It made for fun reading on the bullet train and didn't take me long to polish it off! This latest installment was just as fun as the previous books and now I'm looking forward to the fifth and last to come out next year.
Currently I'm nearing the end of my third non-fiction read for the Non-Fiction Five Challenge, Cave in the Snow. It's the story of Tenzin Palmo, an Englishwoman who became a Tibetan Buddhist nun and lived in a remote cave in the Himalayas meditating for 12 years! And today I've also picked up and started reading Maus I, finally. So some quite varied reading so far this month.

As for acquisitions, three books have made their way onto my shelves this month. One was of course When Twilight Burns which I've already read. Then to make up the free shipping I also ordered Silent in the Grave, which I'm pretty sure I first heard about from Danielle. And then I was in central Tokyo to get a haircut and stopped by to pick up the summer issue of Bookmarks magazine and since it was a pretty good price, A Thousand Splendid Suns found it's way into my hands as well. You know how books have a way of doing that!

Anyway, here I am back again, and thanks to a few days of not doing much, I'm also in a better humour than when I last posted. I've barely read any blogs in over a week though so you can imagine just how scary my Google Reader is right now! But I hope to stop by soon. Have a great week!


  1. Cave in the Snow...sigh...another book to add to my wish list!

  2. Vacations always seem too short, don't they? There's a part of me that wants to stretch out the next two weeks (before my vacation) because I know that once my vacation does arrive, it will go by all too quickly. Then there is the other part that is getting really impatient to start!

    I am glad to hear you enjoyed When Twilight Burns. I am looking forward to reading that one too. :-)

    I really liked the Maus series and hope you will too.

    Have a great week, Nat! It's good to have you back. :-)

  3. Hi Nat =)

    So nice to have you back =), I added you to my photo blog which is also my 'photos only blog'beautiful photo!
    I am waiting for 5 books from BookMooch and did not keep a list...dumb, I think it is probably on the Bookmooch site.
    I started to read 'Snakes and Earrings' by Hitomi Kanehara, I do like it, it is sexually very descriptive. I read a comment on B&N by a reader who reads Japanese and feels that also good something got lost in the translation...
    A THOUSAND SPLENDID SUNS is a wonderful book, loved it.
    I'll be a little late with my sunday salon today, maybe even tomorrow, but it will be there,

    Try to have a nice week back at work

  4. I bookmarked your photoblog and will be visiting it frequently. You always take such good pictures :)

    I can't wait to hear what you think of Maus.

  5. debnance- LOL. I know the feeling.

    Wendy- Vacations do always seem too short, but it's nice to be back, thanks. I'm rather envious of your upcoming trip though!

    Madeleine- Thanks. It was good to have a break but it's nice to be back. Luckily this week isn't too hectic.
    I wouldn't doubt that something is lost in the translation with Snakes & Earrings. And it certainly seems written to shock. I'll be curious your final thoughts on it.

    Nymeth- Well it's partly you guys saying such nice things that I decided to finally have a photo only blog. Thanks! :)

  6. You do have a wonderful mixed bag of reading going! I wish I could say my reading has been as good as yours lately, but alas, nada. Breaking Dawn slumpified me.

    Love your photo blog!

  7. I can imagine how overwhelming that google reader must seem right now :)
    So good to see you back and look forward to the pics you'll post on your photo blog! (oh and Silent in the Grave was so good - hope you enjoy it!)

  8. Andi- It's been a fun mix of books this month. Sorry to hear that Breaking Dawn has left you in a slump. :(

    Iliana- It's still really scary! :P
    I'm looking forward to reading Silent in the Grave .. at some point. Sigh. So many books to read!


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