Thursday, September 25, 2008

Do you link to me? (WG #18)

I haven't joined in the Weekly Geeks recently but this week the theme is to catch up on ... well, anything. I have lots of things I need to catch up on and lots of little things I'd like to do with my blog if I ever find the time, but one of the things I've been meaning to do lately is update my blogroll. I've added a few here and there but it's been quite a while since I last went through it.

Essentially, the blogs listed in my blogroll are the ones that link to me as well. It was getting way too long (yes, I know it's still long!) a while back so I used that as the criteria. I subscribe to many more blogs in my Google Reader but I have to admit that I have them sorted into folders. I'd love to be able to read each and every post from every one of them but I just can't. So the people who comment here regularly, that I like to call 'my regulars' (I think you know who you are) and those that link to me usually get priority. Then when I have time (hah!) I skim through the rest, lurk, or even just mark them all as read when it gets too ridiculous. But I do always wonder what I'm missing. And BBAW showed me how many great book blogs there are out there! I've added some new ones to my Reader that I hope I'll be able to visit regularly. And even though I always complain that I don't have enough time to visit all the blogs I want to, I still love finding new ones! Crazy, yes?

As for Blogger's new Following feature, I haven't done anything with it yet. I suppose it might replace my blogroll at some point since they basically serve the same purpose. Does it work with non-Blogger blogs though?

But anyway, could you please give a shout out and let me know either if you're lurking and you have a great blog I should check out or especially if you've linked to me but you don't see your blog listed in my blogroll (way down on the middle sidebar). Thanks a lot. And I hope I haven't made anyone feel left out!

A few of the other things I'll try to catch up on in the next couple of days:
A review, long overdue, of Three Shadows.
Read the unread posts in Google Reader. (So many!)
Read comments, return the visits over on my photo blog and post a new photo or two.
Read The Translator, as I'd like to finish it this weekend if possible.
Check my challenge progress and rework the list of books to read.
Start thinking about what I'd like to read during the Read-a-thon.


  1. Right now, you can only "follow" other Blogger blogs, but I've heard that may be expanded in the future.

    I haven't even BEGUN to comb the BBAW list and scope out new blogs yet. I added quite a few that I found through various BBAW activities, but haven't searched out any others.

    You're on my blogroll, I'm on yours - all's well on that front :-).

  2. I'm lurking! (and by saying so, effectively no longer lurking.) :)

    I don't have an official blogroll, but you're definitely on my feed reader.

  3. I use bloglines but I also have my blogs separated into folders... pretty much like what you mentioned.

    After BBAW my bloglines grew a lot. I really would like to visit more of those new to me blogs but man, I am really behind all the time now! ha,ha...

    I have no clue what I'll be reading for the Read-a-Thon. Actually, still not sure if I'll be able to participate but hopefully I will :)

  4. I haven't looked at my blogroll in so long I couldn't tell you! You're on my Reader.

    Do you think the blogroll has become obsolete?

  5. I really need to update my blogroll again! *sigh* I wish I could just get WP and Google Reader together and they could sort it out amongst themselves.

  6. That's a lot! I'm just catching up on my reading. Good luck! :)

  7. I was looking at my blog the other night and thinking I really need to do something with it! You scroll down and there is nothing to see, and then I look at your blog and it reminds me of how empty everything is! So, now I am going to have to try and find some time for blog sprucing up... Totally unrelated to this post...

  8. I have to organize my blog, it isn't bad but scrolling down towards the bottom, there are old meme and so on, also need to look at my blogroll.

    I regret not having taken the 3 columns and to afraid to fool with and loose my posts ={

  9. I use folders, too...I don't think I could manage otherwise. I made by blogroll scroll to disguise the fact that it's ridiculously long, but even so, I have less blogs there than I do on my reader. I updated it recently, but sometimes I go for months without even looking at it.

  10. Florinda- Oh I know, I haven't really gone through the list of participants for BBAW yet either. Like you, the ones that I added were ones I just came across through activities or giveways. I'm a little scared to find more!
    And thanks for letting me know that the Follow feature only works with other Blogger blogs, at the moment anyway.

    Fyrefly- Thanks for de-lurking to say hi! :)

    Iliana- Everyone seems to suggest short or easy books for the read-a-thon so I've started thinking which ones I might like to have on hand. I think I'll pull a whole bunch out to have lots of choice.

    Chris- I think the blogroll probably will become obsolete at some point. When I first started blogging I know I often found other blogs through someone's blogroll but with my Google Reader bursting at the seams, I haven't really done that much lately.

    Eva- LOL. Wouldn't it be nice if everything just worked together simply and easily.

    Maree- I've made some progress and I think I'll continue to work on these over the weekend.

    Kailana- Simple is good too. Some might find my blog too busy. :P

    Madeleine- You wouldn't lose your posts if you changed templates, but you might lose some of your sidebar stuff. Mine was originally 2 columns, then I added in the third one by editing the html code but it took a bit of playing with it to get it more or less how I wanted it.

    Nymeth- I don't really look at my blogroll very often either, but I do use it as a way of organizing my folders. I have so many blogs in my reader, it's really quite ridiculous!

  11. I've never looked at the BBAW list, don't know where to find it and have not googled it. Too scary. I have enough trouble keeping up with the limited few I have on my side bar list!

  12. Heather- The list really is scary, it's so long! I have a hard enough time keeping up with my favourites too but I keep trying! I could really use a few extra hours each day! :P

  13. Your blog is listed in the "Blogs I Read" section in my sidebar. I haven't done much with the followers thing yet either, but I was having trouble with it because my blogger profile is broken.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I'll be around yours more often now that I'm finally getting caught up.


  14. Anna- Thanks for letting me know. I had yours in my Google Reader but have added it to my blogroll as well.
    I'm still terribly behind. It's been a busy week and I just can't seem to catch up. Hopefully soon though.

  15. I subscribe to yours through bloglines.

    I really is tough to keep up. I hear you on that one!


  16. Anna- This past week has just killed me! I'm so behind now it's rather overwhelming. Oh well, I will persevere. :)


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