Friday, September 19, 2008

'Sisters of Misery'

by Megan Kelley Hall
Fiction/YA, 2008
Kensington Books, trade pb, 312 p.
There are some girls who have everything…
She has the right clothes, the right friends, and the right last name, but fifteen-year-old Maddie Crane sometimes feels like an outsider in her clique in the wealthy, seaside town of Hawthorne, Massachusetts. And when her gorgeous, eccentric cousin Cordelia LeClaire moves to town, Maddie is drawn toward her ethereal, magical spirit and teeters even more toward the edge of her friends’ tightly-knit circle...

Then there are the jealous ones…
Kate Endicott and the Sisters of Misery—a secret clique of the most popular, powerful girls in school—are less than thrilled by Cordelia’s arrival. When Kate’s on-again, off-again boyfriend Trevor takes an interest in Cordelia, the Sisters of Misery become determined to make her pay…

Now Maddie must choose between the allure and power of the Sisters of Misery and her loyalty to her beloved cousin. But she’ll have to give up on ever fitting in and accept the disturbing truth about the town, her friends, her mysterious cousin, and even herself as she faces the terrifying wrath of the Sisters of Misery…
This was a great choice to kick off my reading for the R.I.P. III Challenge. A gothic story with hints of witchcraft, and a mysterious disappearance, that kept me guessing right to the end. It’s also about family secrets, friendship, betrayal, and the realisation that things are often not what they seem. The author did a good job maintaining an ominous mood throughout as, like Maddie, I came to be suspicious of pretty much everyone in the town and even now I’m left wondering what other secrets lay buried. Not everything has been resolved in this book, setting up for the sequel, but it still built up to a nicely dramatic, satisfying climax. I hope that we get to learn more about some of the characters that weren’t too expanded on this time in the next book and I’m curious to see Maddie’s character grow and develop. I did think it lagged just a little in the middle, and it had a bit of an I Know What You Did Last Summer ending, but these are minor complaints. Overall it was a fast, exciting read and I’m looking forward to the next book when it comes out next year.

Thank you to Kensington Books for sending me a copy of this book.
Visit the author's blog here. Read an excerpt from Sisters of Misery here.

My Rating: 4/5
(#39 for 2008, R.I.P. III Challenge)

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  1. I want to read this one! You know though, I don't think I would have guess what the story was about with that cover. It's pretty but it doesn't give me a gothic/spooky feeling. Glad to hear you enjoyed this one.

  2. You're the second blog I've read that really enjoyed this book. I will be adding it to my wishlist. Thanks!

  3. That does sound really good. Excellent reveiw Nat.

  4. Iliana- True, the cover isn't very spooky looking but I do like it. And in the story the cousin, Cordelia, has red hair and is the kind of free spirit who would wear flowers in her hair, so it does kind of fit, in that way at least. :)

    Stephanie- It's a fun, quick read and fit my autumn mood perfectly. Hope you enjoy it when you get to it.

    Jen- Just like I said to Stephanie, it was a fun read for autumn, when I'm especially in the mood for something gothic or a little spooky.

  5. Thanks for the great review!! Family Circle just selected SISTERS OF MISERY for their Halloween/October Reads pick. Super exciting. Since the book takes place in and around Salem, involves witchcraft and has some of the scarier moments taking place on Halloween, I can see why they picked it. Thanks so much for all your support! I'm so happy you liked the book! Now I have to get back to finishing book two in the series - THE LOST SISTER!


  6. This sounds intriguing, Nat. As I read the description, I was thinking of the movie, I Know What You Did Last Summer, so it's funny you mentioned that the ending was similar.

  7. Megan- Thank you for stopping by! That's great news that your book has been selected as a Halloween read, it's perfect for this season!
    I'm really looking forward to reading The Lost Sister next year.

    Wendy- The ending is only very generally like I Know What You Did Last Summer, at least what I remember of it, but I was reminded of the movie while reading so I had it in mind.

  8. Great review, I hadn't heard of this one before so I will be sure to add it to my list as sounds just my kind of book. It's very cool of Megan to stop by too :)

  9. Rhinoa- It was a fun read, I think you might like it. And yes, I'm thrilled that Megan stopped by. :)


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