Wednesday, October 01, 2008

BAFAB Week Giveaway

It's Buy a Friend a Book Week again and I have two books* to give away this time. (Click on the covers to read more about these books at Amazon).

To enter:
1. Imagine that you've just won a free trip to Japan**, and leave a comment on this post telling us the one thing you would most like to do or see.
2. Don't forget to say which book you're interested in. You can enter your name for both books but you can only win one of them.

The giveaway is open to anyone in the world as long as they have a valid mailing address and the winners will be announced on Tuesday, October 7th so make sure to get your name in before then.

*Both books have been read but are in good condition. Plum Wine is a hardback and a couple of the corners were a little bent in transit. My Name is Sei Shonagon is a Vintage UK paperback that looks almost new.
**Both books are set in Japan.

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  1. Plum Wine please!! As to the one thing I would most like to see or do. Your blog is extremely inspiring and anytime you post I think it would be so nice to visit that place. Tokyo for the pop culture, Kyoto in the Spring to see the Cherry Blossoms, Hiroshima to cry my tears of sympathy at the monuments there but the one thing I think I'd like most to do is to meet you!!

  2. Oh if I won a free trip to Japan I would try and book it during the time of the cherry blossoms. To walk the streets and see them and experience this wonderful time. Then wrap up the day with a sumo match. What fun.
    As far as books....I've been interested in Plum Wine and love a chance to enter for this book.

  3. I'd like the Plum Wine book. I'm not very familiar with Japan at all, but the first thing I would do would be get some decent Japanese food. Here is it so Americanized and I like it well enough, I just would like to try the real thing.

  4. Hi Nat,

    I also have a give away : SNAKES AND EARRINGS.

    I will add your give away on my site

  5. Please enter me for MY NAME IS "SEI SONAGON"

    Answering the question is for me an easy one, I'd take a Taxi to your house and after meeting you and your husband and a nice evening chatting about books and both our lives so far from home I'd go to sleep on your inviting fold out couch :} Of course I also would like to meet Jiro and Baily :}

  6. Either one, please! Um...If I went to Japan I'd have some sake for sure. Also buy some teensy delicate sake cups.

  7. omg a trip to JAPAN i would go crazy for it!!
    Well i would like to visit Tokyo and go to the concerts of my favorite Jpop singers. ee some Geisha lol, I wanna go to Kyoto too!!

  8. I want "My name is Sei Shonagon" too, well just in case ^^

  9. 1. If I was at Japan I think I'd like to see the Cherry Blossoms, since they look beautiful. I'd also like to go to a taping of a game show, since the ones I've seen seem so funny and cool. Finally, I'd probably go to a gaming store and buy a dark blue DS since it's only available there ^_^

    2. They both look good, but I'd love to win My Name Is Sei Shonagon.

  10. I'd love to win Plum Wine! I truly have always wanted to go to Japan just to see the temples...well for many other reasons, but that's my biggest!

  11. I don't mind visiting Japan any time. My younger brothers raves about the place all the time. And please ount me in for Plum Wine!


  12. Ooo.. Japan! I love Japan!!! I'd love to go everywhere and stuff myself with Japanese food! I love sushi, sashimi and tempura! Tokyo is so urban and hip, while Kyoto is calm and cool!

    I'd love to win either book! Thanks!

    bunnybx at gmail . com

  13. I've been wanting to go to Japan forever and of course would love to visit Tokyo. But high on my list is to go looking for Chiyogami papers. I think I'd have to take an empty suitcase just for all my pretty paper finds :)

    thank you for the chance to win a book - I'll throw in my name for Plum Wine.

  14. I would like to be entered for both, they both look fantastic, and it is too hard to choose.

    If I was in Japan I would want a culinary tour. I'm not usually an adventerous eater, but I love watching the original Iron chef shows, and I think it would be fun to try new foods.

  15. For me it is always the food I am most interested in! I am running 2 giveaways too on my own site Juxtabook
    and on Books4All

  16. Oh....either books sounds wonderful!!

  17. On my trip to Japan I would want to see the trees and eat in a real Japanese restaurant.
    My choice of books is "My Name is .....".
    Thank you for all that you do for us!
    darbyscloset (at) yahoo (dot) com

  18. I'd like to try for 'My Name is Sei Shonagon' please, if only because I have amused memories of reading portions of the feudal Sei Shonagon's pillow book for school and laughing over her hatred for squeaky carriages. I haven't commented before, but I love reading your blog; I spent my junior year of college in Japan, and reading your blog makes me feel very nostalgic. Please keep up the good work! :-)

  19. I would like to eat sushi, and lots of it! Plum Wine sounds interesting to me. Thanks!

  20. I'd love to see Mount Fuji in Japan and the Imperial Palace!

    If I won I would love to read 'Plum Wine.'

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  21. If I could go to Japan, I would be going for the food! I have seen so many TV shows about it, I know myself well enough to know that is where my focus would be.

    And I would love to get Plum Wine please!

  22. oh i went to japan recently it's sooo very lovely! well if i won a free trip to go there again i would like to see mount fuji because when i went there was too much fog there so i wasn't able to see it :(
    i would like to enter to get plum wine please
    thank you! : )

  23. I would love to read Plum Wine! ;) If I went to Japan I would buy tons of stuff! Some of my friends have been there and they brought back the most amazing stuff, like cute little plush toys and awesome stationery and electronics! Thanks so much, and I hope you have a great day! =D

  24. Heather- Aww, you're too sweet! I'd love to meet you too! :)

    PorshaJo- I've actually never been to a sumo match although I've seen some on TV.

    bookworm- Some things are definitely different from the American versions.

    Madeleine- LOL. And you'd be very welcome! :)

    raych- Those little sake cups are really cute!

    Word Freak- I haven't really been listening to J-pop lately. Who do you like?

    Popin- Some of the game shows are pretty darn silly! I didn't know the dark blue DS was only available in Japan, I think that's the colour my husband has.

    Chris- I love visiting temples here too!

    gautami tripathy- So, has your younger brother been to Japan?

    Bunny B- You'd have to go to the fish market in Tokyo then for super fresh sushi and sashimi! Kyoto is one of my very favourite places in Japan.

    Iliana- I'm know you'd have so much fun looking at all the pretty chiyogami and wagashi. You definitely would need another suitcase! :P

    Alyce- The original Iron Chef shows were great! I'm not always adventurous about food either but luckily there's usually a lot of choice.

    Juxtabook- Sounds like my husband, it's always the food he's most interested in whenever we visit somewhere. :)

    Stephanie- OK.

    Darby- I assume you mean the cherry trees? They really are quite beautiful.

    Ashley- I read The Pillow Book a couple years ago and loved her little rants about daily life!
    Thanks for de-lurking to enter the contest and say hello! :)

    Stephanie- When a friend of mine came over to visit that was her main goal too! As much sushi as possible! ;)

    blueviolet- I'd love to see the Imperial Palace too! At least it's possible to visit part of the grounds.

    Heather- I think you'd have lots of fun trying all the different things! :)

    robin_titan- That's too bad that you couldn't see Mt. Fuji. It does seem to like to hide sometimes!

    softindierocker- You'd be in shopping heaven! :P

    This giveaway in now closed.

    Thanks everyone for entering. I've got all your names in and will announce the winners shortly.