Friday, October 03, 2008

Friday already?

Whew! This week just flew by for me! I'm not purposely ignoring anyone, I promise, it's just been a crazy week.

1. October is when I start to feel alive again after the oppressive heat of summer. It's also the month in which I become a year older.
2. People who kill in the name of religion scare me!
3. Leaves are falling all around, it's a wonderful season for taking photos. (Here in Tokyo the leaves are still green and still firmly attached to the trees, it'll be at least another month before they start to change but I can't wait!)
4. My favorite horror movie is ??? because I'm just not into horror movies.
5. A beautiful boy, France, young love = good memories.
6. It was a dark and stormy night so I curled up with a blanket and a book.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to a good night's sleep, tomorrow my plans include going out to do a bit of shopping and Sunday, I want to try to catch up on blogging and everything else I haven't had time to do lately!

Only a couple this week, but then I'm so far behind in reading blogs, who knows how many I missed!
Tears of the Desert: A Memoir of Survival in Darfur by Halima Bashir (with Damien Lewis) - I added this to my wishlist after reading Natasha's review. Then Anna's wonderful review this week confirmed that it's a must read!
Capote in Kansas by Kim Powers - I'd seen it mentioned a few places but it was Iliana's interview with the author that sold me!


  1. I have the travel bug SO bad right now!!!

  2. I definitely agree with you on #2 - it makes no sense to me on so many levels.

    I'm not into horror movies either.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I know what you mean about feeling so behind on things. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and maybe you can take some pics of the leaves. Here in Texas we seem to go from hot to cold with no in between.

  4. Ah ha! I knew you had a soft heart for France and i am to respectful to ask a question out right of this nature but I always new you must have met a French boy at some time. Aren't they the most beautiful? I made some grave error in my time, but......I might not have traveled etc.... I also have sweet memories of this kind

  5. I really want to read both of these, especially Tears of the Desert!

  6. Janet- Scotland next year sounds wonderful! Do you have any smaller trips planned in the meantime?

    gautami tripathy- It sounds like it's really moving. I look forward to reading it at some point.

    Florinda- It makes absolutely no sense to me either. :(

    Iliana- Our weather has been a bit changeable the last couple of weeks too. I can't wait for the leaves to change colour here, you can bet I'll be out taking loads of pictures then!

    Madeleine- LOL. Yes, I have some wonderful memories of the time I spent with a lovely French boy. :P

    Shana- Tears of the Desert sounds like it'll be such a powerful, moving story to read.

  7. Number 2 is something that confounds me--not that your scared of people like that, but that people do that. :-(

    I'm not really a horror fan either. I took the first movie my husband suggested and used that. :-)

    I hope you enjoy your weekend, Nat!

  8. Wendy- Thanks, the weekend has gone by far too quickly with hardly anything accomplished. Sigh.
    I used to watch horror movies sometimes back in high school but I haven't had any interest for quite a while. Even though the Japanese seem to love them! :P


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