Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Finds (and Blog Love)

Here are a few of the books I've added to my wishlist over the last couple of days or so.

The Vampyre by Tom Holland - I'd never heard of it but this wonderful review by Nymeth is what sold me.

The Best Place to Be by Lesley Dormen - Read this great interview with the author at Diary of an Eccentric and while you're there leave a comment to enter the giveaway.

Tourist Season by Enid Shomer

Mozart's Sister by Nancy Moser - Read this great review by Bookfool and for a chance to win a copy of Mozart's Sister or one of 3 other books, click here.

Twenty Fragments of a Ravenous Youth by Xiaolu Guo (article in Time magazine)

Travel Writing by Peter Ferry


A big thanks to Popin, Teddy Rose and Sylvie for giving me the I Love Your Blog Award! I love visiting your blogs too and I'm thrilled that you keep coming back to mine! I'm going to take the easy way out and not pass this on to anyone specifically. I always struggle with choosing just a few because I really do love all the blogs I read. So thank you, and please know that you are ALL loved! :)


  1. Congratulations on your award! :)

    Off topic - I FINALLY started reading Forty Words for Sorrow last night, okay only one page, then passed out, but read two chapters this morning and so far, so good. I really like Blunt's writing - hopefully I like the plot, too!

  2. I'm seeing The Vampyre everywhere now! I gots to have it!

  3. Some list! My TBR just keeps getting longer!

    I also passed my awards to everyone on my blogroll and/or everyone who visits me!!!

    Here are my friday finds!

  4. Joy - Oh I hope you enjoy Forty Words for Sorrow. You learn "whodunnit" part way through and then it's a "howcatchem"! :P
    I thought the pacing was pretty good when I read it but it's been awhile now. I need to try the second in the series, it's one of my possibles for the 2nds challenge.

    Andi - I know! Nymeth's review has us all wanting it!

  5. Congrats on the award! I <3 your blog, too :-)

  6. OH! That's even better news! I love when there's a chase. :)

  7. Congrats on the well-deserved award!

    And I hope you enjoy The Vampyre when you get to it :)

  8. Great minds think alike - we've got some of the same books on our wish list :)

    Twenty Fragments sounds familiar. I will have to check the link... cause I just need to add more books to my list. ha.

    Oh and congrats on the blog love!

  9. I really want to read The Best Place to Be and Twenty Fragments of a Ravenous Youth.

    Great list!

  10. Nymeth's review landed The Vampyre on my wish list as well. :-) There's never a week that goes by when I don't come by several titles that end up on my wish list.

  11. Well, I love your blog, too. I've been lame and haven't posted about that award, yet, but you know I always go the same route. I don't want to leave anyone out!!

  12. gautami tripathy - My TBR just keeps getting bigger too, and my wishlist longer and longer!

    Janet - Well thanks! :)

    Joy - I look forward to hearing what you thought of it after you're done.

    Nymeth - You made it sound so good! How could I not? :P

    Iliana - Not surprising that we have some of the same books on our wishlist. :)

    Shana - They both do sound really good. Well, all of them do really!

    Wendy - My wishlist is so incredibly, ridiculously long! :P

    Nancy - I know you always understand! :)

  13. Hi Nat,

    Congrats on the award. I love your blog, too - the book reviews and the beautiful photographs!

    Your wishlist sounds so good (sigh!) I get to read very few books or blogs these days, swamped in work and loving it!

  14. A Reader from India- Hi. Nice to have you stop by! Sounds like you're really busy but at least you're enjoying it. You sure have been spending a lot of time in Japan this year. :)

  15. I know I'm late with this, but I appreciate you mentioning my giveaway! Thanks!

    Diary of an Eccentric

  16. Anna - No problem, and you're welcome. :)


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