Sunday, October 19, 2008

Read-a-thon Update 8

Title of book(s) read since last update: Grotesque by Natsuo Kirino, The Sandman: Endless Nights by Neil Gaiman
Pages read since last update: 181
Running total of pages read since you started: 545
Amount of time spent reading since last update: 2 hours 5 min.
Running total of time spent reading since you started: 9 hours 15 min.
Number of books finished: 4 (technically 3.5 since I read half of Grotesque before the read-a-thon)
Total Mini-challenges completed: 6
Other participants you’ve visited since last update: Teresa, Mari, Andi, Chris, Iliana
Food/drinks consumed since last update: more iced earl grey tea

Yay! I finally finished Grotesque! I was half way when I started the read-a-thon but the print was small, it had been slow going and has been on my nightstand for the last couple of weeks! It feels so good to be finally done! I also read The Sandman: Endless Nights. Would you believe that it's my first encounter with the Sandman books? Beautiful art, it was a great break from reading black text on white pages!
Only 2 hours left, I'm going to take a short break and then decide what to read for the last spurt. Hope everyone is still hanging in there.


  1. Endless Nights was an excellent choice! Enjoy your break :)

  2. Looks like we'll make it through to the end! Yay expats!

  3. Yay for finishing a book! Not long to go now!

  4. Nymeth - It really was! Helped me get a second wind, and it was great to finally read something from the world of Sandman.

    Bybee - Yay for us! :)

    Marg - Thanks. It felt so good to finish that one.


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